Saturday, October 20, 2012

International Day 2012

Our poor house smells thoroughly confusing this week.  It does not know what country it belongs in, not even which hemisphere.  It has been non stop internationally preparations going on at our home.  Both the boys had International Day at school this week and so did I.  We all had to learn  about a country do a report and presentation on it plus make food from there to share with the class.  Should I be happy my boys are learning the same thing I am or should I wonder why am I doing the same thing as them?  Humm...

I gave mine in Spanish though, at least 90% of it. ( I even threw in a No Reservations video plus the food I did AWESOME!!)  But I love public speaking, cooking and power point so it was right up my ally.

Sine Monday I have been cooking up international delights.  I have been making dishes from Nicaragua, Costa Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries.  Some dishes turned out good.  Some are okay but questionable.  I wonder is this really what it taste like in that particular country?  And some... so bad I had to through them away!  I had to do most of the cooking during the hours the children slept and one night before the day they were due I fell asleep while making what could have been a great trini dish curried pumpkin and rice but by the time I woke up past the microwave beeping it was more like baby food.  I had to throw it all away :(

So on Thursday I ended up bringing a lot less to the boys school for international day than I had wanted.  But it was okay.  It was still a very nice day.  Much like last years it started out with the Montessori peace dove then followed by the children country parade.


The little babies march first and boy are they ever and always cute!  This year I took a picture of them but it does not even come close to expressing the cuteness.


They were dress up and crying for there moms as the teachers tried to walk them past their sitting parrents.

Then came the lower elementary's flag parade.

Evan had Trinidad and Tobago.

Gregory had Russia.

They worked hard the past few weeks learning about their countries and painting the flags.


They sang a song from Africa, I tried to google it to get the name and no matter how many times they repeated it for me I have no idea how it is spelled, can't even come close.  But I have them singing it on you tube!

44 seconds.  Apparently the music teacher knows their abilities!

(3 days now I have been writing this post little by little, it makes me question the time I really have to devote to this blog.  But I think it is important.  It is a way to share our family with you and a way for me to remember the daily times.  But sometimes feel like it feels like a weight.)

I left soon after that not because of the singing but because I had 3 babies at home to watch.  The kids were then going to eat their international feast.  Some of the parents brought in really good looking dishes.  One even made  a monkey on a tree.

See the perogies on the right and cake on the left both are me!

Glad that event is over and was a success   I was ready to take a much need cooking break and spent the next to nights with fast food and pizza.

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michelle said...

I remember thinking how fun and interesting International Day was last year, and this year's was no different! I'm in awe of your cooking abilities, your time management skills, your mommying, everything. I totally understand sometimes feeling like your blog is a weight. I feel it too. And it doesn't help that my husband's always telling me it's a waste of time. :( But I forget sooo much, and I just want a record of my kids' lives, and I want my kids to be able to see what life was like...what WE were like. So it's a weight I'm willing to live with, I guess. :) And I hope you keep doing it too because I enjoy getting to read it!!!!!

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