Monday, October 8, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Today everyone was home.  It's Columbus Day so me and the kids were off.  I had told the kids I would take them out to get  their pumpkins this week and they felt today would be perfect, they felt it more than me.  We woke up to our coldest morning yet.  We might have been in shorts this weekend but today we are in pants, sweatshirts, hat and gloves.  No coats except Faithy the rest of us are in denial.  Denial that we woke up to a cold drewery temperature in the high 30's!  Yes!  It sucked.  It is October and Pennsylvania Octobers are crazy.  Last year October brought us our biggest snow of the year.  But usually we are in shorts and t-shirts.  It did get in to the 40's today.  Whaoo!  Oh well that did not stop us nor did the treat of a rainy nasty forecast.  We went out early and beat the rain.  We went to the farm to play and pick pumpkins!

We went to a local farm called Benders.  We love this farm because it has a large petting zoo area and for a small price you can feed the animals.  The lucky goats and bunnies were closet to where you buy the food so it is not a stretch to say they are the most well took care of.


They loved the bunnies!  They could have cared less for the rooster and chickens next to them but they kept handing these little guys a gourmet meal of carrots, celery, apples, and other stuff.

If the 4 of them had not wasted the 4 cups of food on the bunnies and goats they would have had food left for the horses, alpacas, all the other animals.  Sorry Faithy no more food left for him.



But for the most important part the pumpkin patch!  YAY!!


Mercy these kids found the biggest pumpkins out there.  They were huge.  I think Gregory got the biggest left in the patch.  And when you are pumpkin picking for 5 kids buying extra large pumpkins carrying them is out of the question.  We had to wheelbarrow it.


It was so funny to watch his wheel barrowing skills.  Much like a drunk driver.  I am so glad he did not out any brothers or sisters in there.

Picking the pumpkins was fun but the kids loved playing.


Corn mazes, corn holeing, bean bags, hay fights, slides, weird people all over.


Even straw animals.


Smiley took the reigns but Faith I think she was wondering whats up?  Why is my horse not moving mom!  This is not what I wanted.


It was fun.  We had a great time.  And bought many more pumpkins to carve.


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michelle said...

Pumpkin patches are the absolute best! I love all the pics of your sweet kiddos. :)

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