Saturday, October 27, 2012


The craziness continues!  People are out of there minds.  They have bought all the generators off the shelf's up here.  The grocery stores put out an apology that the traffic has been worse than before thanksgiving times.  My county all ready declared a state of emergency with many others following suit.    People are getting ready for the Hurricane Sandy.  I saw this someone made too CUTE!


I have not been so worried.  My kids realize this as I throw them outside saying play until the hurricane comes because you are going to be stuck inside for a couple of days.  The answer back mom is a hurricane really coming or did you make that up!  Hum!  Smart kids.  They think it is all a ploy to keep them from wii and tv.

But I was wondering about it this morning.  I watched the dark clouds that were looming overhead.  I kept checking the weather map before I made the final decisions to take the kids out.  But all reports said it was holding off till 2.  So at 10 am we piled in the Suburban and took off for a jubilee at the kids sleep away camp.

They were so happy they were going to go but so disapointed I was not going to leave them there.  Now the camp is not that close it is in the same county but still almost an hour away.  As we were getting really close Faith kept crying.  The roads I were traveling on twist and turn so much I could not look back or stop.  If they flood I would have been screwed that is also why I kept an eye on the weather.  But Faith is crying and I am almost there then I hear it, projectile vomiting.  A lot of it!  GROSS!!!  It was green, yucky, smelly and everywhere  and we were 5 minutes from the camp. I could not do much.  Because of the roads I had to keep going.  I went to the camp.  I looked at her there and she seemed to be so much better.  Covered in puke but so much better.  I guess she just needed to get it out of her.  I had extra outfits in the car and lots of baby wipes so I cleaned her up, the car up and we decided to stay.  Fresh air could not hurt.  Plus it is such a nice day.  I wore a sweater and wish I would not have.  It took a while but we made our way to the events.

We saw some beautiful draft horses so we climbed into the wagon and took a ride.


(Notice then bland grey sky void of fall colored happiness)


The kids would not stay sat during the ride.  Strangers grabbed Faith for me once, I was thankful.

Then we ate, we feasted, we were full and ready to do more.

The babies Loved to play in the leaves!



The big boys wanted things more challenging.


Evan.  He got up there and decided he was afraid of heights.



Gregory, no fear.  He wanted to do hard but I made him do medium.  He did awesome.


This picture is a bit a way because as I was taking pictures of the boys climbing Smiley wondered off and climbed up to a 30 foot platform and got stuck!  I heard him screaming mom there is no slide.  I went running .  I had to climb up a ladder I have no idea how he got up to carry him back down firefighter style.  I had to leave my girls (with Evan, and trust me that is not being well watched) to save him.  I had had enough.  We missed out on a lot of activities.  We left with kids crying.  But we did what I could do and we beat the rain.


The next Jubilee is in the spring we will try again then but for now whew.  At least I came with 5 I am leaving with 5 and for the time we spent out it was fun and  the weather was wonderful.

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michelle said...

I love how everybody else was freaking out and buying up food and generators and you took your kids to a jubilee. :) You're completely awesome!!!

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