Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is there a doctor in the house?

Why yes!  It is Faith and she is here to take care of all your needs.  Open up and saw AWWWW


I can't tell you how cute it is when she says AWW then shoves a wooden stick at your face.

But at every appointment you need your blood pressure checked.


Well she can take care of you there too.



Both girls had check ups.  Faith her 18 month and Grace her 2 month. Both of them are doing great. Healthy, happy and getting so big!

Grace is now 24 inches long and 12 pounds.  This growth spurt from the 21,5 inches and 8.9 pounds she was born at just 2 months ago.

Faith is really looking big lately   Maybe because of the addition of a smaller sister  or just the fact that now she is a toddler.  Humph I hate saying that.  She is still so every bit my little baby girl, just not as baby as Grace.  But I think I have to get over it.  After all babies are not 33 inches and 28 pounds.  She could not be growing better we love her more and more every day.  Her personality far exceedes her 33 inches she is a hoot!

Grace had to get some shots.  She of course did not like it and it made her so terribly unhappy for the rest of the day.  Faith was just terrified all around.  When they called her name to come back she grabbed the wall and then chairs she was not having it that day.  She clung to me for life in the room but it all was okay just a check up and no shots.  She could have got a flu shot but we passed.  Not when she was all ready so scared.  Why traumatize my daughter.  But in the end it all ended okay, she got some princess stickers for her and race car stickers for her brother.

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michelle said...

Shots are the worst! Lily's already getting all worked up about the one she's getting in two months. :)

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