Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Pictures

Yesterday i attempted to take the kids and have there Christmas pictures done.  Attempted was the key.  Faith has a strong close up embedded fear of all mythological creatures.  Santa was a no go.  She was so beautiful hand happy...



 And then came Santa.  Tears and scream she squirmed and ran like she was going to be his jolly lunch.

The photographer did take a hundred or so pictures trying to find one was she was the least frightened.  There was one but none of them were good.  I suggested what if Santa goes on break and the kids just sit in the chair and it worked.  We got a picture but again it was not very good.  Gregorys shoes and legs were showing and look horrible, Gracie had such a blah expression nothing like her sweet beautiful self.




Smiley was dear in every picture.  He is so easy to get a good photo of.  And so sweet to his sister.


The boys were handsome but never looking at the camera.


Evan sporting his own style.  He is in love with his new fedora.  He wears it all the time, even to bed.


Gregory looking great in his Santa tie.  He was my hard one because he know Santa is me now but he still is not 100% sure.  He says stupid and sometimes mean things about it to his siblings I have got to find a way to make it fun for him to keep it a secret   Maybe buy him a Santa suit and let him sneak around the house putting out the gifts?


All these pictures are mine of course.  I took a few of them once we got home but no posed shots.  This is the second time I have gone to this photographer and the second time I have to retake the pictures my self.  I will share hers when I get them back, they are not bad but not good.  And so still on ,my to do list take the kids Christmas pictures.  I can't wait to get a good one.  I know my kids best and how to photograph them.


Jessica said...

They are all precious and I LOVE seeing your sweet Grace in that dress!!! Brings back so many sweet memories! Her smile just lights the room! Merry (early) Christmas!

Da said...

Just adorable!

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