Sunday, November 4, 2012

shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!

Aww (and a big sigh).... my husband, my son, my head shaking.  Yesterday we thought my sons hand picked prize beta fish had died.  He (the fish, yes it is a male they are only sold that way) was acting very dead.  But this is not the first time he has played dead.  We watched it for a hour and determined this time he was not playing dead.  I had a day planned with the kids and I had asked him if he would flush it once we left.

While out I sent Jay a reminder text please get rid of the fish.  He sent me one back saying it is back to life.  Okay, crisis avoided, stupid fish.

Later that night after the kids went to bed I looked at the upside down lifeless fish and the bottom of the bowl.  He surely was dead.  I flushed him.

Today as we in the kitchen having breakfast.  And my sweet sensitive animal loving Evan was there Jay said loud and ignorantly, "Hey where is Evan's fish?"


 Evans head perked right up and Jay looked at me with shock and disbelief on my face. Really did you hear what you just said in front of our son!  As Evan starts crying to an incident that could have been avoided and certainly better dealt with.  I had to say sorry sweetheart the fish died yesterday.  And then his wise dad chimed back in.


In his defense he was trying to make it better, but he has NO CLUE!  He said oh your cat ate it. Evan melts in a crying fit now.

WHAT!!!  How much WORSE can you make this!  Fish die Evan knows this but don't make him upset about the cat too!  UGH!  I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I jumped back in as his dad kept repeating that.  I called his dad out on this one even though it was in front of Evan saying no no no that is not what happened the fish just died, Wyatt had nothing to do with it.  Evan did understand that, he was not okay with it but he know it happens.  Then he tried to milk us for a hamster.

Nope, not gonna happen.

What a morning.


michelle said...

I'm amazed by some of the crap that comes out of Ryan's mouth too. Men are silly. :)
A hamster would be an awesome Christmas present!! ;)

Da said...

Wow what a morning hey. We used to have a fish, it died too and our younger son balled so we had a small ceremony and buried it in our front yard, but he cried for like a week and asked about it for over six months. Now he doesn't remember it anymore.

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