Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monkey Joe's

They are calling for another snow storm tonight.  That's good because I could use the day inside.  Today was busy and sometimes difficult.  But we had fun me and all 7 kids.

I took my 5 down to Monkey Joe's to beat the cabin fever.  They have not gone any where since school let out and because of all this snow probably won't till they go back.  They needed to go have some fun and more than just throwing snow ball at each other in the back yard.

 The older two each brought a friend which left me with 7.  Seven little kids 9 and under 9,8,7,6,3,1,and 5 months.  I felt like I should be making a Von Trap movie.  But it is not adding older ones that is hard it is the 3 babies they always give me a challenge.  A large group of friends and I had arrange to meet there.  I thought this would be helpful but in reality they were all watching their kids and really were of no help to me, but it was nice to see them all.  And remember how I say my 5 is not really a big family out here, the majority of these families were showing up with between 4-6 kids in tow.  They had to bring in extra staff to help accommodate our large group.

Monkey Joe's is another bouncy house type of place they have 10-15? big bouncy things for kids to jump on for as long as you can stand being there.  For me it was only 2.5 hours.  Then the tired hungry melt downs started and not just from my tiny team but from my additional 6 year old too.  So we had to leave for everyone sake.

But before we left the kids bounced!



and played


they had a great time with a few questionable points


The big kids were hard to get pictures of because they were so fast not to mention the only time they came to me was for drinks or money.


They are almost to old for these types of places.  They had fun racing and jumping but what they all like the best was playing the arcade games.  Standing in hurricane winds and trying to get penny prizes.  They bled me dry of cash but could no understand that.  They were just upset they could not play more games.

The $15 in soda and water I paid while they jumped cemented my decision we would not have lunch there but go out.  On the way home we stopped at Franks for pizza.  It was fun to eat with these little chatterboxes as they all were telling about their favorite gifts from Christmas.  I do love them, it was so much less stressful and I got to enjoy all of them.  Plus when you have to feed 5 hungry boys $40 for pizza is an easy way out.  My oldest ate 6 slices alone!

I love to play and have fun with the kids but I love when I do not have to be a taxi also. I am looking forward to snuggling with my tiny team and playing at our place.  We only have a few more days of break and I am going to take advantage of another snow day.

He are a few shots from around town as I went out to get groceries before the next snow.


I hope that is not distorted.  So often when I put pictures up here they get all funny not at all how they look on my end I just can't seem to be able to fix it.  Like the Santa one, I hate that it does not show up.  It was so cute!




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michelle said...

Such pretty snow pics, and Monkey Joe's looked so fun and crazy...with an emphasis on the "crazy" seeing as how you had SEVEN kids in tow! You're totally my hero. And I can't even begin to imagine how much it costs to feed your kids! It's expensive enough feeding our little family!!

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