Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Book fair and more

This past week I was fortunate enough to spend two days at the boys school. I love being there. I really love their school, education, teachers and head of school.  I volunteer at the school book fair in the fall and spring so I was there doing that.


It is enjoyable to be there getting to interact with all the children from the babies ( there school starts at 18 months) to the high schoolers running around.   But the kids I saw most were the middle schoolers and they are so funny, it was good to see them and fun to over hear their lessons gave in the big room.  These are some smart kids!  I very much enjoyed enjoyed seeing the boys classmates too.  They call me Gregory/Evan's mom depending on who they are more associated with.  Even one of Smiley's little friends came by asking where he was.

But what I enjoyed most was Evan running out giving me hugs and getting to see some of Gregory's lessons too.  He came home one of the evenings and said mom I have to bring in chicken stock tomorrow, no paper just his word of mouth but I figured okay we got it I will send it with you and I am there if this is something you don't need, I could just as easily take it back.  But he said he was making stone soup and that sounded reasonable to me.  The next morning when we arrived at school the boys ran in the building with the chicken stock.  The head of school was there to tell them to slow down and great them.  Every morning she greats all the students and shakes their hand or gives them a hug whatever they prefer.  I love that relationship they have with her.  She is even Evan's birthday buddy.

Later in the day I saw Gregory's teacher take all the threes to the kitchen.  They were having there lesson and making stone soup.


In there school there is no cafeteria.  The kids eat in their classroom unless it is a special event or a mix it up day then they go to different rooms.  There is no lunch service, everyday I send them a lunch.  It can be hot or cold  almost whatever they like no soda, no sugary treats, no candy.  If it needs to be hot when the get there they put it in the fridge and heat it up at lunch.  If it needs to be kept cold same thing they can keep them in the ridge.  Each classroom has an age appropriate size fridge and microwave (it is adorable in the toddler house they are so tiny they look like doll furniture)  and they have this big kitchen that they are in now for their lesson.  They all got to make it and try it.  They had a lot of fun.

Later in the day all the third years from the whole school (I think 12) came out to the big room..  The rotary club had come to give them all dictionaries and teach them how to use them.  I know that sounds a little silly for a third grader but remember everything is now smart this or smart that and they may not know how to use a real dictionary.


I am happy to have spent the time at school with them.  I love to see what and how they are learning.  But I can't afford it.  My volunteering at the book fair cost me more than a days pay but I got some Christmas presents for the big kids and my niece.

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michelle said...

Yes, I'm ridiculously behind on my blog stalking. Just as I was getting over the flu, I got a stomach bug. The last couple weeks have been lovely, lemme tell ya. :)
In any case, your boys' school looks/sounds truly fabulous. I've always thought it seemed so fun and warm and wonderful!

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