Saturday, December 22, 2012

Party Pooped Out

Not unlike anyone else we have been busy in a whirl of Christmas activities.  And we are exhausted.  I tried waking the boys up earlier this week saying its time to get up only to have them reply "mom I just don't want to".  I was so tired I almost went for it...almost.  I am  still up late with Faith and her new bed and I am so tired.  My other kids are great at bed time you say go to bed and they brush their teeth and go to bed staying put and quickly falling asleep.  They don't even need help but Evan still wants to be tucked in, I never had trouble with them.  So I suppose I was due for a tough one.  I used to laugh at those Nanny shows where they would call in the Nanny for help because their kids would not go to bed.  Between 8-9  I would say goodnight and be done.  With Faith in her crib it was still like that.  But it has been a difficult transition and will hopefully get better soon.

Wednesday night the kids had their AWANAS Christmas party at church.  They had a great time.  I was hoping it would wear them out but thanks to the plethora of candy canes they were wired.  It also did not hurt they took power naps before we left.



After everyone settled down and Faith was left awake we watched a cheer leader show and she loved it.  As the girls jumped and twirled she would climb up me and make me twirl her.  When they lifted their legs she grabbed the chair and lifted her too she was so taken by the cheerleaders.  I can see cheer leading  dance, gymnastics in her future.  I am so happy to have girls!

Smiley well he has been making sure he stays on the naughty list.  Just a bit more than a handful.


Still love the cute kiddo, always will.

Gracie got her first taste of sugary goodness.


Thanks to Faith who gave her a cinimon toast ceral bar.  At first she was not sure what to think.


But as soon as Faith tried to take it back oh no, I have never heard this little girl scream like that.


She was in yummy heaven.  Oh just wait little girl Grace till Pepa gets his hands on you.  He will give you every treat you could want and more.  We have a Pepa rule at our house all the big kids know.  It is simple....Don't let Pepa feed the baby!!!  We have had to enact it 5 times.  At least they grow up to a point where he is no longer a danger.

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michelle said...

Such sweet pictures. And I hope the Faith sleeping thing has gotten better by now, whereas Miles will be a crappy sleeper 'til he's fifteen - I'm sure of it.

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