Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few 4 month pictures

I have had all of my kids pictures took when they were roughly around 3 months old in a nautical outfit.  All of these pictures are hanging on the wall.  I love them and the kids do too.  They point to the pictures and tell me who is in them.  They like seeing each other as babies.  And really they are the only pictures that they realize are different babies than just Grace.  Any other picture of a baby if you ask them who it is the will say Grace.  I remember when I hung Faiths picture up they felt now she is part of our family and we are going to keep her.  It is funny how they relate such things.  But it is time we add our Gracie to the wall.

I took these pictures of her in early December   She was 4 months old.  I have not had a chance to edit them till last night.  Plus I still want to retake them and dye the dress pink.  But time flies and now she is 6 months so it is really to late but I think I might anyways.  I have two favorites and I think I know which one I am going to hang but here they are.

IMG_7849_zpsba9af705 photo IMG_7849_zpsba9af705.jpg

IMG_7847_zps8e778b51 photo IMG_7847_zps8e778b51.jpg

IMG_7841_zpsc2f90519 photo IMG_7841_zpsc2f90519.jpg

IMG_7837_zps84837ae8 photo IMG_7837_zps84837ae8.jpg

IMG_7835_zps78f8ec0f photo IMG_7835_zps78f8ec0f.jpg

I love them all.  I love her smile, her happiness.


Laurie said...

What a doll baby!! It would be hard to pick;)

TaMara Sloan said...

What a sweet, happy baby!


Unknown said...

I love her smile in those photos, so cute!

michelle said...

Such precious photos of a precious girl! So hard to choose a favorite!!!

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