Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Day!

Oh yes it is Christmas!  And I slept in.  Yup it is true.  They were worn out and I had to wake the littles up. But when they woke it was a frenzy of opening Christmas gifts.  On one hand you have to love the childhood excitement on the other it is frustrating they were just rip apart anything without regards to anyone else or even the name on the package.

Santa came and dropped off many presents.


This year I did not make the mistake of watching It's a wonderful life while wrapping presents and end up staying up till wee morning hours.  I watched A Christmas story instead, one and a half times.  But all the wrapping got done and the stage was set and I went to bed.


I love a local restaurant called ABC or Appalachian Brewing Company the food is fantastic and the beer well they are  brewing company so I guess it is awesome too, I am not a beer drinker I don't really know.  I have tried 12 of their beers though some were okay.  It was a quarter sized sampler rack and I did not drive home.  But my family loves their brewed root beer   Remember they are all under 10 also.  They have a line of crafted sodas but as you can imagine they are not the cheapest so we do not get them too often.  But I though what a treat for Christmas and I saw a cute Rudolph idea on pinterest also.

Evan saw me making them at different points.  I tried to glue glittery red pom poms on the bottles but I could not get them to stick!  So I just cut out pieces of wrapping paper.  And Wha La...


I sorta copied it.  Evan came to me Christmas morning and said "Really mom?  Really this is what all the pipe cleaners were for?"  He makes me laugh.  Still my silly looking reindeer bottles did not stop him from being the one who drank the most.

We were tired that morning I am glad we could just spend it at home.


Some of us even had to have 2 cups of coffee.


I would regret this later.

Since we did not go to church this morning we dressed a lot more casual that last year.  I dressed Faith and Smiley the same in Gregory and Evan's old shirts.  I figured why not.


Don't be surprised to see it on Faith and Grace in two years from now.

Faith racked up the carebears.




We are all using them as pillows now.  She carries them around then her bother lay on them.  I can't deny I have used 1 as a bottle prop for baby maybe once or more.

It was a low key day.  We spent most the time playing and relaxing.  I cooked another big meal which only I ate.  They did play outside again



I played inside with baby



Later we watched White Christmas, and it snowed again the net day.  A good bit more this time too.


michelle said...

What a sweet Christmas, and I'm totally stealing that root beer idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Moments to remember

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