Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flu Season

The inevitable happened, the flu it our family.  It started out with me last week and it was horrible but I pushed through because I had to much school to do and I still had to take care of the kids.  But as the week went on I was no longer able to keep on going, I still had to though.  Moms do ever get a sick day.  Heck I could I have used a night to go to bed early or sleep in even a nap but no.  In fact I got even less sleep than normal because it seems I passed it along to all the kids.  Every night I woke up by kids crying, puking, running 103 fever, they were miserable too.  We all sat and suffered taking Tylenol, playing wii, watching tv, and doing school.

IMG_8767_zps70fa97a4 photo IMG_8767_zps70fa97a4.jpg

Yesterday we luckily had another rain day and school was canceled   Yup canceled again for rain, 4th time this year.  But the rain was ice in the morning and the roads weren't safe.  However Friday  they did let the kids out early because of SNOW.  Luckily it was a rain day so they did not miss school, I would have kept them home yesterday regardless   Today I sent Evan back to school, we will see how long that last.  But he was doing better yesterday from noon on.  And he seemed to be fine this morning.  The other 4 are not.  Gregory is leading the pack with 103 temps and Tylenol gives him a break to 102.  Poor thing the other are burning up as well.  They are so hot to the touch and feel miserable.  They are not looking to good either.  They have glossy runny eyes you can tell how unhappy they are.  But I am hopping this is the last week.  At least it is all at once and not one after another.

Faithy before she started feeling bad
IMG_8761_zps542bd08e photo IMG_8761_zps542bd08e.jpg

 photo IMG_8759_zps734b3f19.jpg

This is one of my faces, it is funny when I see her acting like Mommy.

 photo IMG_8753_zps2654afc5.jpg

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michelle said...

You poor thing! :( We passed our flu around to each other, but at least none of us had it at the same time. And, yeah, I still had to take care of the kids and all when *I* had the flu, but Ryan totally got to crash and snooze and recover nicely. Must be nice!! :)

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