Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sick on Super bowl Sunday

Our family is still being held hostage by the flu.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

It has lasted and lingered and kept kids home from school, babies home from church, everyone home from AWANAS, but me with a lot of medicine I made it to school each night this week.  I even gave a presentation with no voice.  Maybe it helped add to the political effect.  Maybe I got my professor sick and we will have a sick day for him when I am feeling well and I can enjoy it!  I hope he does not get sick really. I hope no one does because this has not been a fun past two weeks.  Both my girls have is so bad right now they just cry continually, that gets old too.  Smiley has sworn off hot dogs because he ate one and through it up immediately, still being sick, now relates hot dogs to puking.  I can't blame him.  I hate hot dogs, always have.

But are these not the cutest?

There has been so much delicious food recipes on pinterest lately.  Mostly having to do with the Superbowl   Yah thats to today.  No we are not watching it no one here cares, AT ALL.  I might go grocery shopping then I bet the stores will be empty and I can fill up baskets full.  I do love food shopping around super bowl time.  They have the best deals on the worst most delicious food.  You stack up on soda, chips, wings, all the good stuff and it is a rock bottom prices.

Today I will clean.  The house desperately needs it after being sick for so long.  

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michelle said...

So sorry you guys have been sick. :( Hope you and yours are feeling lots better.
Mmmmm, hot dogs!!!!!!!

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