Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Six month check up

Evan and I took Gracie in for her check up today.  SIX MONTHS yes all ready, but it fells like she has been here forever.  Although I still do look back in the car to make sure I did not forget her, if she is being quite.  Grace is doing great!  She is growing big, and healthy not to meantion beautiful.

 photo P01-22-13_1119_zps06848de7.jpg

She is 28 inches long and 17 pounds.  She has grown quite a bit from her birth of 22 inches and 8.15 pounds.  She is also a lot more sturdy now.  The kids are able to play with her and I don't worry as much.

 photo P01-22-13_1121_zps23e3217a.jpg

She had to get 4 shots today, she was not happy.

 photo P01-22-13_11211_zpsff1e6dce.jpg

But at least Mama was there with.

 photo P01-22-13_1127_zpsed913187.jpg

It was a little more than Evan could handle so he left the room when the needles came out.  But that is still far better than Faith.  I did not bring her.  She just screams and it starts in the lobby.  She stayed home being her beautiful self.

IMG_8623_zpsef1b89d4 photo IMG_8623_zpsef1b89d4.jpg

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michelle said...

Six months already? There's no way!! I love her little socks. :)

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