Wednesday, January 16, 2013


That describes today pretty well.  I have been battling to get school work done but it is just not happening.  Our day got thrown off in the morning.  I went to bed last night under  a weather watch so first thing I did this morning was look out the windows check facebook.  That is right, that because it is where you get all your news from now days.  And sure enough the second post down on it I saw school is having a 2 hour delay.


I promptly walked back upstairs to bed.  Two hours later we woke up well the kids did I never truly was able to get back to sleep, I hate it when that happens.  The funny thing is they did not even notice the time.  They though the felt great and really rested.  HA, I should just put them to bed at 6:30 each night.

Apparently there was ice on the roads.  I saw no snow and none was reported.  It was just another day off for rain.


That is 3 this year.  Three rain days we have had.  And it has not been anything more than an occasional drizzle since we woke, it is just wet.  The first two were for hurricane Sandy and this one for Winter Storm Helen.  Why do they name EVERYTHING now days?  It used to be just hurricanes that were named and now it seems any weather pattern has a name.

I guess we are sorta weather watcher tough.  One recently we payed close attention to was Cyclone Evan.  It was a terrible event for Fiji.


This time last year some friends of ours moved to Fiji so the boys know all about it and set up skype and email with them.  When we heard through them of cyclone Evan we watched it for them annd Because Evan is my middle sons name.


Maybe I can get some work done now before they get back from school at least maybe a nap.

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michelle said...

They could at least name them *tough* names like Butch or Brutus, but Helen and SANDY?!

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