Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday cha cha cha

Happy Birthday Gregory!  Kinda sorta.  Because nothing really makes sense in our sometimes different world why have birthdays when it is actually the child's birthday?  With that understanding behind us :) last week we celebrated my oldest 10th!!!! birthday!  Wow we hit the double digits, not really but kinda?

We had Gregory's school party last Thursday.  It was full of cha cha chas like they always are.  He actually had a dentist appointment in the morning, no cavities and no need for braces!  Hoorah!  That kinda sucks to do to a kid on there pretend birthday.  But he did not mind.  I take the kids out to lunch something special if they want to after appointment they have.  Gregory really just wanted to get back to school and skip lunch out .  He loves being there with his friends and teachers.  Not every child will stay home if they have the chance, he is one of them.  But both rarely miss school.  Knock on wood for healthy kids.  Well except for weird and combined ER trips, and I still have not heard back about Evan, but otherwise.  However, I explained to him if I took him right after he would still have his birthday party at school but me and the tiny team could not come.  We simply could not just wait around his school for hours till the 2:30 party.  That upset him so much.  He was nearly in tears and wanted mom and his sisters and brothers there.  Aw I was touched.  So I did what any good mom would do...I took him shopping and to lunch to kill time.

We stopped at store after store looking for plastic woodland animals, trees and other things for his American forest bio-me  could not find them.  Actually we did find a few to large animals but they were $10 a piece   I did not want to pay that and get many plus grass, plus trees and what ever else so we settled on colored foam and popsicle sticks.  But with the my scrap booking paper, a few cotton balls, REAL grass from the yard, and lastly a few computer print outs of animals...

 photo gregbiome_zps86990efc.jpg

Volia...  it worked.  What a handsome boy don't you think!

After trips to every craft store in town I let him pick out where we go for lunch and it was pizza hut.  They all loved it.  Pizza, salad, pasta and apple sauce you can't go wrong.

 photo P05-09-13_13271_zpsb76f7511.jpg

Birthday lunch

 photo P05-09-13_1313_zpsbbf9f939.jpg

Soon enough it was time for the party so we headed to school.

It started out with Gregory giving a presentation of his life.  He brought in important pictures from each year and told about them.  We had such fun as a family collecting them.  We all reinised and the boys learned a little more about there life.  I can't believe how much he has grown.  He can, he lets me know.

 photo IMG_0685_zpsafe41e30.jpg

We brought in cupcakes.  Dropped melted cupcakes, it was a mess.  This time the dropping of the cupcakes award goes to ...Evan!  Who as we were leaving the store with the huge box of 40 some cupcakes in the shopping cart he was pushing it then jumping on and hit a drain he, the cart and the cup cakes went flying.  They stayed in the cart but tumbled and turned upside down.  I give up I have realized that this is my fate for every birthday and other celebration as two days later we went and bought a mother's day cake and I was the one who dropped that one spinning and flipping it upside down as I opened the doors to my Suburban and it tumbled out.  I give up.

But we brought the melting jostled cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday!

 photo IMG_0688_zpsc5579c4b.jpg

Gregory loved it and he loves being the center of attention.

 photo IMG_0687_zpsded67b15.jpg

His sister has been singing cha cha cha for a week now.  Good thing she gets to use it at his big birthday party Sunday.  But more than singing the were waiting for cupcakes.

 photo IMG_0686_zps7946bc6f.jpg

Kids love cupcakes, brothers and sisters love cup cakes.

 photo IMG_0691_zpse35da5c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0693_zps237f7d6b.jpg

The class like the break

 photo IMG_0694_zps1455f4fc.jpg

It was another good school birthday for Gregory.

 photo IMG_0692_zps675dd7ad.jpg

I am so glad he wanted his family to come because we enjoy celebrating them with him as much as if not more than he enjoys it with us.

And now for the big birthday party on Sunday.  Oh I hope we do not drop that cake.

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