Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Two more Spanish classes left and then a final   That is it.  I am finishing up a final for my other class, it is a huge paper and then I am on a break.  A break till the middle/end of July!!  I have so much planed to do it is ridiculousness   I would rather not take a break but, I even tried not to, but there are no classes being offered that I need.  I just want to finish school.  My family wants me to finish school.  I have no doubt that a break will be a good thing.  As soon as I finish this I have to go.  Wrapping up a semester has kept me so busy not to mention we entered another round of doctors/dentist visits every other day again.  And the off days is soccer or church.

Speaking of church.  Oh my sweet little growing up Faith.  The other week I was able to put my princess in pigtails for the first time.

 photo IMG_0612_zpsbeaa41df.jpg

Trust me this is huge.  I love having little girls and doing their (only her's right now) hair.

 photo IMG_0609_zps805d5d97.jpg

Be still my heart!

My curly top is so cute and the curls those pigtails hold, I love it.  Before church last Sunday I put her hair in pigtails again.  And the bows were so big the pigtalis got lost in them!.

 photo IMG_0646_zps73651a0a.jpg

She was so proud of the kitty on her dress.

 photo IMG_0648_zpsbe35756a.jpg

For some reason she broke out into the chicken dance.

 photo IMG_0644_zpsa27f7206.jpg

Such a pretty princess in pink with pigtails and kitties you can't get more girly girl or sweeter.  She is something else.

 photo IMG_0650_zpsea4a4ec3.jpg

Smiley did not want to be forgotten.  He is great too!

But by later in the day....

 photo IMG_0678_zps4de31f39.jpg

She was back to her crazy self.  She pulled the pigtails out.  Swung upside down

 photo IMG_0662_zps59b53d8f.jpg

Made mom quickly drop the camera and come running.

 photo IMG_0658_zps9e09a52d.jpg

Rode off into the hills.

 photo IMG_0666_zpsb1b7f440.jpg

It might look darling and she was acting out of best intentions, I'm sure but pushed her sister down the slide, head first.  Grace was fine, I caught her, camera a bit more scratches.

From then on she chose to hang out with Smiley.  I can't blame her.

 photo IMG_0672_zps0cee6659.jpg

 photo IMG_0665_zps1125bc3b.jpg

She loves her big brothers but she certainly follows in her sisters footsteps.

 photo IMG_0675_zps5903d4cf.jpg 

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Angie said...

I'm sure you need a break! Hope you enjoy it. Your babies are just perfect :)

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