Friday, May 31, 2013

How I saved $61 today

As I am SlowlY getting ready for our camping trip to the beach next week I have once again been procrastinating on pinterest under camping.  I have seen some cute ideas  for family pictures.  I am hoping to get the Christmas cards done early this year, hopefully.  I have seen some delicious recipes I want to try.  Games for the kids, lots of cool stuff.  Including a grow with me chair for babycakes.

I saw this chair and thought awesome, how have I not seen it before nor purchased it?

 photo gochair_zps4f9e0669.jpg

It is called a go with me chair.  Without sounding like an advertisement for their company, to which I have no affiliation with, here is a bit about it.

It has a 5 point harness that holds an itty bitty baby in.  A standing seat for I guess when they are antsy.  As you see a canopy cover, plus a drink/bottle holder and an eating tough :)  It is really a stretch across he front and with a dug out insert for finger foods.  Most to go chairs are hose able I would assume this one is too.  And it has darling pink poke-a-dots on a brown background which I have several different boys to match, because photo opps after all are important :0

The retail price is high.$90 but right now it is on sale for $80, still no free shipping till you reach $99.  Maybe I am out of touch with reality when it comes to the price of "soccer chairs" but to me that seems high.  I checked ebay and prices were a little bit better but not enough to make me order one.  I checked amazon and found one for 45% off, brown and pink too.  It also comes in blue and green.  That brought the price down to $55 and with $6 shipping it made it $61.

I put it in my cart after all it seemed like a great deal after staring at the higher prices for the last hour. Then I went to retail me not to try and find a code for free shipping.  I was unsuccessful.

Doing that it gave me time to think about this awesome chair and how much I really wanted it.  Do I want it for $100? NO!  Do I want it for $80 + shipping?  No.  Do I want it for $61 and it would be here in time for us to pack it with us to the beach and use for SO many other tings all summer and forward and as Gracie  would grow with it?  Not really.  That is still a lot.  I rationed it out to this.  I have a wonderful double jogging stroller.  My stroller just like the chair has a canopy, 5 point harness ( which neither girl has a problem getting out off, so I doubt the baby would in the chair would either and that might be more dangerous if the chair tipped over), the stroller has 4 cup holders and underneath storage, plus it is on wheels.  It does not have the snack area the chair has but I could wheel it up to the bench of a picnic table and it would work great.  I already have been gifted the stroller and even at $61 that is money I don't need to spend.

So I did not order this totally awesome chair.  The reviews were great, it seems nice and we always need "soccer chairs" but the price was a bit to high.  If i had seen this for my first kids I might have jumped on it but for my last baby I am a bit more reluctant.

Sometimes stopping to think and stepping away will give you the mind to realize you do not need it, you just want it.  And by doing so I saved $61 today.

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