Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It is that time of year again

Time for school activities everyday!  At least it seems like it and for the days they are not involved in school stuff they have event after event going on.  To recap:

Race for Education 2013

 The kids took off again raising money as they run laps around the field.

 photo IMG_0945_zpsf66edcc3.jpg

My kids are good runners.  Gregory inpaticular.  He ran just shy of 8 miles in 50 minutes.

 photo IMG_0952_zpsc5ff7e14.jpg

Awesome job kid!!

 photo IMG_0973_zps36ce579d.jpg

Evan does not enjoy running the same way his brother does but he still kicked butt.

 photo IMG_0966_zps60fab2cd.jpg

He walked a few laps, thats okay.  He wanted me to speed walk a few with him of course I agreed.  But he would often stop and say "come on mom" as I would stop and chat with other parents.  Sorry son

 photo IMG_0960_zps2588be3a.jpg

I was not planning on racing and had jeans and flip flops on.  And oh boy was it ever hot and humid, this whole week has been it is crazy.  We are all uncomfortable.  Except for Faith who is having fun blowing her hair in the a/c.  But even with jeans and flip flops I was able to run a few with Gregory.  It felt so good to run again and run with him.

Other year races:


EMS day.

The other day I stopped by their school and as I pulled up they were two ambulances and an emergency vehicle there.  Worry runs over you, OMG what happened?  I was pleased to find out it was just EMS day.  Whew!

They were learning CPR.

 photo ems1_zpsdd9261c8.jpg

Gregory and Adison practicing on a dummy.  Glad that were not practicing on their brothers.

 photo ems2_zps9e52780b.jpg

 photo ems3_zpsecc55c94.jpg

Because I have a feeling if they had been practicing on their brothers they would be karate chopping them too.

 photo ems4_zpsa70aa665.jpg

Spring Show Practice

Every day they have been practicing for their spring show.  I can't wait they are always cute!  This year it is a jungle them.  We have been hearing them sing and greet us in Mawalin? for months.

 photo playpratice_zps7cf775da.jpg

Gregory is in the red shirt

 photo playpratice1_zpsb505edd9.jpg

 Looks like it will be fun.

Evan is in the blue camo pants and the red shirt in this picture is not Gregory.

 photo playpratice2_zps4bf2d678.jpg

Well I have to go because tonight, in just a few hours we are going to the greatest show on earth!!!!

 photo ringling_zps32c9cb58.jpg

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Angie said...

The end of the school year is always busy but always so much fun!

Your boy kicked butt in that race. Almost 8 miles, that is impressive :)

Enjoy Ringling Brothers! We go see one of their shows every year and we absolutely love them :)

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