Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Good news and busy days, oh my the busy days.

Good news another semester behind me!  Yes I finished this round of classes.  I was so tired of them but I finished my finals, and I don't think I did to bad.  I am taking some time off, not my choice.  I would love to do a full summer but the classes I need are not offered and most are in agreeance  that I could use a break   So I will be taking one till the end of July!

 photo ThomsonHallthree-quarterview2003WilsonCollege-small_zps29bc42de.jpg

Don't you love the turrets?  Again why my kids call it the castles.  This finished semester completes my first year.  You can check out the story and more pictures of the beautiful campus here.  Today I have been walking around smiling for the completion and a little lost about where to start on my ENORMOUS to do list.  I am also just trying to breath.  I can't even imagine what it will be like to fish my degree.

More good and busy events were to many hospital trips.  Last week I took 3 kids to the hospital, 2 dentist visits with all in tow.  That was horrible, but no cavities!

Evan had the first hospital trip.

 photo P05-10-13_0846_zpsec96ec96.jpg

A barium test to see why he has been having stomach aches.  He was nervous but the doctors told him he was doing great and that helped.  He later in the day went around saying I got an A+ on my test.  (for his behavior) we have not received the results back yet.  No news is good news right?

 photo P05-10-13_0919_zps9f963007.jpg

He loved that in his gown he looked like the statue of liberty.  He even acted the part.

 photo P05-10-13_0904_zpscf62abdd.jpg

Crazy kid!

And unfortunately I still had to take two more girls to the ER.  Saturday evening in all the rain we have been having my little ones wanted to go play outside.  They love to run and splash in the rain.  Smiley was playing with our baby cakes splashing in the puddles getting all muddy, having so much fun!

 photo IMG_0735_zpsf089ac95.jpg

 photo IMG_0733_zps7215ca7e.jpg

I was taking pictures, awe how cute!  But notice that rock in Gracie's hand?

 photo IMG_0729_zpsf0f9c39e.jpg

Yes she has two here but look at the smaller one in the left hand.  Now you see it...

 photo IMG_0743_zps2c97fc4b.jpg

Now we are in the ER.  Yes she then stuck that right in her mouth as she does with everything and as I went to get it out she swallowed it.

And if that was not bad enough...when coming inside Faithy slipped with her wet muddy feet on the tile floor and cracked her head hard.  No blood, but a huge goose egg popped up and she kept crying.

 photo P05-11-13_2044_zpsa2898c3c.jpg

I would like to say it was a two for one deal at the ER but that is not the case.  It was two times over I was proved a bad mother in a matter of minutes.

 photo P05-11-13_2011_zps94fd77b4.jpg

I had to run both girls to the ER!  Ugh it was not a nightmare but not far from it.  I took them more on the side of precaution than panic, well except for baby, I was and still am worried about that rock.  However a few xrays later the doctors said it will pass.  OUCH! my poor baby.  That is what I was worried about it tearing up her insides passing.  I guess they are not to worried, maybe I shouldn't be so worried.

It was a long night.  I had brought toys, thankfully.

 photo P05-11-13_2042_zps5a69c807.jpg

Sometimes it helps being a seasoned mommy.

 photo IMG_0737_zps92d36403.jpg

But Faith also found a closet full of teddy bears with hospital bands on, too cute.  She kicked out her sister and made sure she took care of her bears.

 photo IMG_0747_zps10ebfa06.jpg

Yes HER bears.  We might now be in possession of two of these.

So many ups and downs and there is so much more.  Do you really want to know?  But the good news is all my kids are doing well.  And I am on a school break!!

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