Monday, February 24, 2014


Today is pre-surgery day for Brendan.  Early tomorrow we are driving over an for his frenectomy.

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This was at his consult nearly a month ago.  We had to wait a while because of snow and insurance.  They are putting him under with general anesthesia because he is so little, 4.5.  That is the only part that worries me.  Anesthesia has side effects and risks.  But I hope he will be okay, I know he will, they do this all the time and I have a lot of people praying for him.

If you don't know what a frenectomy is well there are two types upper and lower.  He is having the lower one.  They will be cutting the thing/tissue that holds your tongue down to the bottom of your mouth.  His is to abundant and needs to be cut back for speech purposes.  I have not noticed any speech problems yet but you certainly can see his is much further than your own.  Whatever you do though do not google frenectomy like I did to find out the spelling or you will see many gross pictures. It is funny because I can slice and dice, remove and stitch all sorts of problems on people and animals but show me a picture of gross teeth and I cringe.  Smiley's teeth are in no way gross.  They are all clean shiny, never a cavity, baby teeth.

Brendan does not know what is going on.  I told him we will go to the dentist tomorrow, just he and I.  But he has no idea.  He will go in fall asleep and wake up probably hurting pretty bad.  But I will be ready with ice cream and milkshakes.  But if you have a moment please pray for my little guy and the use of anesthesia, a quick low pain recovery, and safe travels.  Thanks.  I will post an update tomorrow and let you all know how well it went.

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