Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post surgery

We are back home and Brendan is out of surgery.  He is doing well, much better now as a matter of fact.

We got up there pretty early.  Traffic was no problem and the weather was fine.  We left at 6am to avoid it all and we got there with 40 minutes to spare.  To bad we could not grab breakfast he was on strict no eating orders.  Dinner was his last meal for a while.  He still can not eat.  He has been on a jello, juice, milkshake, ice cream, liquid cold and creamy diet today.  He is so hungry.  I should have got him protein shakes or something like that.  I caved in and let him eat some soft scrambled eggs.  He did well with them.

As you can see he was all smiles before.  He  did not like the gas mask we had to hold him down till he fell asleep but luckily that did not take to long.  Waking him up from it that was another story.  It was not easy he flopped around like a fish on a deck.  He was crying and disorientated and completely confused about what had just happened.  It was a while before I could calm him, even then he was still quite out of it.  But within a few hours and some tylenol he started feeling better.

His brothers rushed in when they got home to see if he knew what happened yet.  They were ready to tell him but he was ready to show them the stitches and holes, he grossed them out.  You can't see any of that in the above picture but he already has a lot more movement of his tongue.

Since we got home he has had a relaxed day and some pain.  But he is doing well a bit off but nearly himself.  Thanks for all the prayers and concerns.

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