Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty Princess Faith

What is so much fun about little girls?  Dressing them I love it!!  And so does Faith.  She is an all around girly girl.  She can stand up a little with the big boys but when she gets a boo boo she cries comes running and you better believe it is a pink bandage that she needs.  It is hard to keep pants on this princess and so help you if you try to dress her in blue.  Good luck getting it on.  Here have been a few of her/my recent favorites.

 photo IMG_5432_zps3b92a620.jpg

We both fell in LOVE with this dress!  It is a Tammis Keefe.  I can not even believe our luck on this find.  I won it on an auction.  I saw it and it screamed Faith to me.  Pink puppies.  Well I got it for an unbelievable price.  When we got it and tried it on it blew away my expectations.  The cap sleeves and Peter Pan collar made it a hundred times better in person.  We love it and she lays it out all the time to wear to see her baby friends ins.

 photo IMG_5405_zps693ad606.jpg

This colorful sweetheart number is to cheery and bright.  I actually have one for each of the girls.  I thought it was the perfect Valentines day dress for such a monotone winter.  It is supper pretty.  And they are too cute together.  I was hoping to get valentines day pictures of all 5 but because of the snow we could not make the drive.  I will take them out soon in the sunshine and snap a few pics myself.  Love sister dresses!

 photo IMG_5535_zps8c9b945e.jpg

Oh here she is sitting so pretty getting ready to go to church.  She had to wear her sparkly shoes and purple pearl necklace.  She always looks so nice there and it is truly the highlight of her week.  I took all of them there that morning and as soon as we stepped out of the truck she started throwing up, continually.  How much did this princess eat for breakfast?  We piled back in and turned around for home.  I don't think we have made it to Sunday school or church there in a month.  Someone has always been sick every Sunday.  We go other times of the week for event and obligations but I sure do miss Sunday school and so do the kids.

 photo IMG_5532_zps3628a3f6.jpg

And well I can't forget our junior princess.  She is so much fun and the cutest little thing.  Awe  I love my little blond haired baby.

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