Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow and sickness

Those have been the themes of our lives lately, its that time of year.  With the sickness once one person gets it we all get it.  Luckily that is now behind us and maybe the snow too!

We have been hit with blizzards one after another.  Snow and ice and it has been months since the weather has been above freezing.  The kids are always home, and always hungry.  Last Thursday Pax brought us the biggest snow this year at nearly 2 feet and Last night Sam left us with a couple more inches but the good news... the 10 forecast is in the 40's!!!  Yes this stuff can finally melt.  We have 2 cars stuck in snow immobile at the moment.

(Two days since I started writing this)

And in that time we had a terrible ice storm.  I left for school one morning extra early (7am test day, with errands to run before hand) and congratulated the kids as I was leaving hurrah, for today!  The first time you will have a full day in weeks!  The day before we got more snow, light snow, at least compared to the week before.  Which ended up in the kids having a two hour delay.  As I was leaving Jay said becareful we are supposed to get an ice storm.  I had checked and it was not expect till later so I cheerful drove off.  Less than 5 miles it started freezing rain and my car was sliding all over the road.  It was scary.  Buses full of the older public school students were already being transported.  I was having a terrible time driving so I slowed it down and waited to text only during red lights.  But I made it to my school and when I went to put up the wipers they were all ready frozen.  I figured the buses taking the kids or in the case of mine their van were and big heavy vehicles.  That they would all be okay.  But as the buses and vans started sliding and accidents were all over the roads the canceled and delayed school after it had opened and kids were on their way.  It made for a logistical mess of everything.  But eventually mine went to school, by the time I left school it was fine.  And that was the last snow/ice day we have had lately.  Thank God!

And the best part it has been in the 50's the past 2 days and is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow!  Just in time to melt all the feet of snow for Mondays new storm  :(

I thought last week was the end but I guess not.  Howevere here are some pictures to enjoy in your nice warm place.

 photo IMG_5614_zps3e4b5b6d.jpg

Faithy in her house as it started snowing.  They love to play in it.  And I spend an hour dressing them for it each time.

 photo IMG_5594_zpsfdee4574.jpg

Her house a little later and it still came down

 photo IMG_5612_zps014572f6.jpg

The backyard became grounds to many large forts.  Although you can not see it as they are white against white.  The whole world we know is now and has been white against white for so long.  It is times like this I wish I could have beautiful colorful flowers delivered to cheer us up.  But you know with all the snow I had so many friends complain how they did not get their valentines day flowers till the 18th!  I am still waiting on mine....I might be waiting a long long time too. ( I got nothing for valentines day!  zero, zilch, nada, nothing, except from my mom, lets wait and see how my birthday goes  Not even a text or a coffee, no wine, no nothing.) carrying on...

 photo IMG_5603_zpsf9612c75.jpg

The girls playing in a break of sunlight.  Baby cakes really does not like the snow.  And I cant even tell you how many feet or inches they are on top of.

 photo IMG_5584_zps70c2fe3f.jpg

 photo IMG_5574_zps67ce0489.jpg

14 Fir Street

 photo IMG_5571_zps0fd27161.jpg

 photo IMG_5568_zps07f2d0b6.jpg

lots of snowmen have been built

 photo IMG_5566_zps9587c000.jpg

And some of my favorites have been on instagram if you don't follow me go ahead my name there is karen_huse but I believe you can find it through a link to the left.  I love instagram and have turned more towards that but sadly I have been lacking in pictures there too.

the girls were so sad about their cozy coupes

The ice falling from the trees looked like sugar crystals

Just because of all this snow does not mean life still has to go on.  And here Faith and I had to take a very early drive up to the state capitol.  We never made it because of incredible traffic accidents and conditions but we caught a beautiful sunrise.

 photo IMG_5589_zps7dacfbb4.jpg

Me on my way to school, yes cross country skiing it

 photo IMG_5588_zpsa0afe30a.jpg

no snow days for me, well at least not a long time ago.  Haha these 3 are OLD pictures of me from Norway.  Yeah a snow day there?  Didn't happen we had school. We skied to it the had fun on then slopes afterwards.  Good times!!

 photo IMG_5587_zps0cb7996c.jpg

Yes I am sick of all this snow but I have also got quite used to it.  We feel warm in days above the single digits.  Thankful on days we get no more.  We now laugh at when they forecast under 6 inches.  But the end is in sight.  And we welcome spring.

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