Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 1 Savings

As I mentioned I am trying to save money and pinch pennies.  I kept tract for this first week in March to see where the money goes.  I am looking for ways to cut corners and live cheaper.  Here is how it went...

Boys Haircuts
I thought girls would be the expensive ones for hair but it is the opposite (for now).  My boys all needed hair cuts they looked so shabby and with all the birthday pictures coming up they needed a trim.I have no idea how to cut hair so this is an expense.  Unfortunately  -$34

 photo imagepng_zpsb7ea4326.jpg

My Splurges
Well with all the time spent at the beauty salon I sent a little money to.  But I spent to save.  I got an awesome deal on 3 new OPI nail polishes for me and the girls.  Buy 1 get 2 free!! -$10
That is still far better than having them done too.

Plated.  I belong to a food delivery service called plated.  They send you fresh meals to your door step and make it all to easy.  They do the shopping, they do the meal planning, they portion it, it come fresh not frozen and they bring it to your door.  Perfect for a busy mom.  They had a deal this week for 4 plates and 3 month membership(which that part I did not want) and delivery all for $20.  That is $5 a meal and I do not have to do anything but put it together and cook it.  You can not even eat at McDonald's for $5 trust me we went today, and this food is so much better.  Give it a try!  It is a great gift idea and if you order through my link I get a free meal :) I am not real sure whether to categorize this one as a saved or spent? -$20

Tacos for my kid after another trip to the oral surgeon.  Just a post op check up all is well!!! -$4
club key -$20
eating out and junk -$44
orange hunting gear -$40

Random Purchases 
birthday present for Jay -$5
(I had all ready got him a nice one in January, and I will make him something special for dinner)
Tights and socks for the girls, on clearance, 3 tights and 12 socks for each of them -$20
It was Faschnaut day, we had to enjoy those tasty treats -$8
Birthday Present for Gregory's friend -$20

groceries -$212
gas -$86
piano lessons -$120

Family  Savings Jar +$10
Pellet/propane savings Jar +$10

Other Awesome Accomplishments

  • I did not buy any of the new release from Matilda Jane.  I wanted to but I did not want nor have the money to spend.  No keeping up with the Jones' this week.  I will wear my older clothes that I loath.  I am also trying to lose pounds for the summers so I tell myself I will buy clothes when I am the size I want to be.
  • Made +$6 after shipping and fees for selling a little monogrammed bikini of Gracies from last summer.
  • Sold a text book on Amazon, after fees +$33
  • Jay was only scheduled 28 hours, he was able to pick up another shift and a half to bring the total up to 39
  • My parents came up and took us all out to dinner twice this week.  We had a delicious and awesome time for Evans Birthday
  • Except for the cake and cupcakes I had already bought all stuff for Evans birthday so I did not have to spend much this week on it and he was so very happy.  He had a great day.
  • The kids and I ate a lot of leftover.  And I froze some food to not lose it.+
  • We did not go out to the movies but watched some new ones on cable for free.

It was not that bad of a week in spending, but we still spent more than we made, and most those purchases were on credit cards.  A few things to real in like Jay can certainly stop grabbing a bite here and there because it adds up.  The rest of his purchase are not ones that occur ever week or often.  And I of course did not need nail polish.

Next week without having to drive over an hour each way to a doctor appointment should cut down on gas.  And the boys will not need haircuts again for a bit.  We have a few more birthdays next week but again I bought the presents in advance on sale or clearance.

 I am going to try to do what I can to spend under $50 in splurges or random and to not eat out next week.

look around your house and see if there is anything you can sell online or yard sell sites.  Items you may not need any more someone else might.  If you sell them before they get forgot and ruined you might be able to make back some money.

And if you would like to connect with other women who are trying to save not spend you can find more links here.


Courtney said...

That's a good tip about selling stuff. I've sold some things on ebay, consignment sales, yard sales and a few textbook sites and with all very good results. Any little bit adds up and the bonus is less clutter!

Rebecca said...

I bet you could figure out how to cut your little guys' hair. I mean, if *I* can do it, you can! Maybe even check out youtube and see if there are any info. videos. Youtube has everything, I've found.

By the time they CARE how they look- you'll be fabulous at it! ;-)

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