Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 3 Savings

Again I blew my goals.  I do not think they are that unreasonable, under $50 splurges and no eating out.  How hard is that to make?  I guess for me it is appearing to be impossible.  The rest was not bad but my spending I need to real in, next week for sure.  But this is how it went:

My Splurges
Clothes!!  Wow I spent a bunch on designer clothes for my kids.  And before you say well you don't have to buy designer you can buy from Walmart or target cheaply and save.  Well I did save.  And I saved BUNCHES.  But I still spent a lot for me too, goodbye birthday money.  Plus buying better clothes is a far better deal!  They wear and wash better, last longer and just look nice.  When you are passing down clothes from 4 + girls you need the most bang for your buck and the better clothes with better fabric and that people care more about last longer.  My boys, I gave up.  They are to old and their clothes now only last for that kid, if they even make it through the season.  No I do not have 4 girls,only 2.  But since I usually buy them used that is at least 1 prior girl, then my two, then I give my dearest friend all of Gracies clothes that are in great/good shape for free.  Sometimes these clothes have only been worn a few times through all girls for pictures or a holiday so they are nice.
Each year there is a special consignment sale in our area.  Last years shopping trip with that friend.  We look forward to this one each year.  We know we are going to spend money there.  We, meaning me and all the ladies in the area.  Oh yes it is a mad house, when are good deals not?  But here is the thing many of you may not know.  I live in a Mennonite/ Amish/ little city area  and those women show up in droves.  In taxis(Yoder toters, but shh don't say that to loud because the friend who watch all 5 of my kids last week so I could have my birthday dinner, to make an easy 11 kids at her house, is a Yoder, it is not the nicest saying but not to mean kinda like redneck), vans, buggies, and cars form 3 states (only because it takes 30 minutes to get to 3 different states).  In the romanticized Amish fiction, these women may seen kind, naive, Godly and nice, but in reality they aren't.  Godly yes, but you have to be kidding yourself for the rest not all but most I have found to be judgmental, clickish and unwelcoming.  The men however do seem to me so much more helpful and kind.  And it is not because they are in men to women situations but overall.  However if you try to bid against them on anything at an auction watch out!  They will win, even when it is against your toddler son.  I appreciate their communities but they are out to make money, get good deals and then be left alone to live the life they want.
Off my sidetrack rant, I went there this year and battled those women with my tiny team in tow (that sucked) and the deals were just not as good but I still got 4 pairs of shoes for my for youngest 4, 2 swim shirts/rash guards for my oldest 2, a matching sister outfit to 1 I already have by my favorite Lilly Pulitzer for baby cakes, plus a Gymboree capris sweater new with tags outfit for her, 3 different izod possibilities of shirts for my youngest son to wear to match his brothers and sisters for what was supposed to be a valentines day photo shoot that will now be whenever it is warm, if ever.  And a power rangers shirt he will not take off.  2 Dora outfits for Faith, we will never not love Dora apparently, and 3 Gymboree outfits for her.  Plus a big outfit lot.  It is size 9!!  She is in 3 sometimes 4-6 depending on what they are and how they run but certainly not 9.  I love this set!!  I had quickly grabbed it for that dearest friend, who loves Gymboree, and her oldest daughter is probably a 9  but if not they are dresses so she could go up a size or down.  Either way would be nice and they were a steal for the 3 great dresses and perfect jean jacket with bows and 2 matching hair ribbons all for......$25!!  I was going to give it to her for the $25 and I would be happy, but it is so stinking cute I thought I might hold it back for my girls and then she would still eventually get it, or I could sell it and make back ALL the money I spent that day. I checked ebay prices.   What would you do?  Really I am open to comments because I am a bit torn.

 photo imagepng3_zps266bb915.jpg

But for the whole day: -$81 at the consignment sale and then another -$35 for my oldest son for his new Air Jordans.  Oh yeah, you can not beat that price either.  I went to an outlet store because he also needed new shoes and there were none his big size 6 at the sale.  Total clothes purchases for kids -$116  :) I rock!

Taco Bell and Sonic, This shopping day had 3 other stops included.  And we, the tiny team and I, were getting cranky and hungry.  I had to quickly feed us.  -$10

Yugio card for my oldest -$1.69

Spending money for my oldest on a field trip -$10

My oldest again, going out to dinner with his friends -$5

Sam's Fundraiser.  A son, Sam,  of my friend was selling pizza for a fundraiser for his baseball team.  I bought 6 pizzas.  I figured they would be good for a dinner each here and at my parents house one night when they watch the kids.  It will certainly make it easier on them. -$37

eating out and stuff -$35

Co payments at the doctors.  Nothings wrong, not pregnant, birthday check up. -$20
 photo IMG_20140317_121035_zps595bd8e8.jpg

new piano book -$6.50

Groceries -$105
Honestly this bill could have been at least half.  I had plenty of food here and a plated delivery this week so I did not need food except milk, fruit and bread.  But when I was there on Monday, St. Patrick's Day they had all sorts of deals BYGO's and deals on corned beef so I though I would just pick up a few calzones at the savings, and make an Irish dinner for my family to celebrate.  They did not like it but at least they tried it.
Gas -$31
I was home this week no school but that did not stop me from driving everyday. 2 days I had to drive my kids in and pick them up for school.  One because of a field trip and two because of another snow day.  We live in a different school district then where my  kids go so when our district is canceled and theirs is not I have to take them.  Oh well I got things done while I was out making use of the trip one day at least.

 photo imagepng2_zpse43eb741.jpg

The bottom left is their school.  No snow days for them when mom has 2 four wheel drive vehicles.

Yearbooks for my older 2 -$36

Family savings Jar +$10
Pellets/Propane savings jar +$10

Other Awesome Accomplishments

  • PA has no clothes sales tax so all the clothes and shoes were tax free.
  • I returned a pair of shoes I had bought that I was only guaranteed the sales price for but not + s/h and because I stayed on top of them and watched for the credit I got the full amount back +$21
  • Gas prices went down a little here
  • again ate a lot of leftovers.  I had some I really did not want either put I could not refreeze (I think that is gross) and did not want to throw away.  So I made a totally awesome chicken cordon bleu form the left over plus all other ingredients I had on hand.  Recipe will be up later this week please check back
  • I took my kids to school on the snow day.  They could have stayed home no problem but I had paid for them to be there that day and they have missed so much because of snow this winter all ready.  Plus they very much wanted to go in and pinch people, little leprechauns.
  • I don't think I had coffee out once this week!

Same ones no eating out try not to spend over $50 in splurges.  I am curious to see if there is a week I can actually do it?

Lets borrow this one from an honorable mom of many Michelle Duggar, mom of 19+  "Buy used and save the difference"  Kids need clothes and often.  You can find good deals and good swap circles with other moms allowing you to save lots.

And of course to see other awesome savings form mom click here.


Courtney said...

I completely agree on the quality of the clothes. It seems like new at walmart is the better short term deal, but the name brands last longer, look better and hand down better (and consignment resale better). I check some stores websites and buy off season clearance, and also buy on ebay and consignment sales. We just had our local sale also and probably 90% of what I bought was name brand, but for maybe an average of $3 an item!

Rebecca said...

What in the world would the Amish want with name brand clothes? What the what?!?!

Maybe what you need is to not cold-turkey it on your spending/goals? What if one week you chose not to eat out and the next week you chose not to spend more than $50 on excess spending. Just a thought.

PS. You have PERFECT teeth. Perdy.

Da said...

I'd say if you avoid going to places you know you tend to spend...hold it off!...and see what happens

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