Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week 4 savings

Oh boy what a week, what a long week.  It is Friday as I write this and I know I will not post this till tomorrow because as I write at night it becomes nonsense.  Tired ramblings of nonsense.  I have every legitimate reason for being tired and I will explain.  It also shows up in my spending so lets take a look :

My Splurges
Goggles for my son -$10
New scarf and shirt from an outlet store -$9
And yes I ate out 1 day, so much for that goal -$7
Random things and eating out ugh not happy about this one, a little is okay but that seems like a lot.  And 80% of it is grabbing food at the gas station -$38
Food and more charcoal to try out his new smoker -$45

The birthday girl!!

Oh what a blessing she is.  Faith turned 3.  I had bought boxes of "Faith" decorations ahead of time on a F resale sight so those were pricy but already paid for.  And I did not even use all of them.  But I have them for years to come and some can be used for Easter and Mothers day.  Same with her dress and her sisters outfit I bought those in fall?  Either way they were paid for.  Again with her presents  her grandparents and grandmother contributed most the presents and I had got her 6 pack Disney princess set on a black friday deal for half price and have never seen it close to that price again.  I just had to hold onto it for 4 months.  What we did spend money on for her birthday was pretty new hair bows -$13 pizza -$14 and her cake -$27

She also wanted to go see Frozen again.  I took all of them plus her grandparents came too to the movies for...FREE.  Because it got released on video a church run theater plays it on the big screen for free and it just happened to be Frozen the same night as her birthday.  They also give you unlimited drinks and popcorn.  It is in a historic theater in MD so a little bit of a drive but well worth it.

Gas -$75
Groceries -$200
I had to buy these kids school food.  They do not have a lunch program so everyday I have to pack a lunch.  Plus they are now home for  2 weeks for spring break so some of that was for them being home, which I believe is already gone though.

This week we were not able to add to the savings jars :(  it is okay some week are just tighter than other and I hope we can add some in the upcoming week

Other Awesome Accomplishments

  • I got a part time job at the Y
  • with that comes a FREE membership for me.  I just have to pay the difference for the family one
  • I met my goal spend under $50 in splurges!!!
  • Watched a movie at home Friday night cuddled on the couch for free

With my kids home all next week our grocery bill climbs dramatically.  I am going to spend some time today doing make ahead meals and meal planning to help curb the cost.  But it is their constant snacking that really adds up.  To try to catch this blog up a bit on other happenings besides spending and savings.

I think the reason I made my under $50 splurge spending goal was because I was so busy.  Between school, and a lot of time in the lab this week, starting a job, running the kids to a doctors appointment and other places I just had to time to rest.  My advice is focus on things you have or can do that are already paid for or free.  I believe idle time leads to unnecessary spending.  I you sit in front of the computer you have to to web-surf and see awesome deals  (which is not bad) but if you pull yourself away and run in and out of stores with a list and a purpose it might help in overspending.

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Courtney said...

I so agree with you about that idle time leading to spending. My husband had two more days off this week and we got take out THREE times! Of course, it isn't all his, but being out of routine, it's so much easier for me to say, "Oh, okay, let's go get such and such so I don't have to cook..."

Terri said...

You only ate out one day this week so that is a small accomplishment! Good for you. Baby steps. :-) Thanks for honestly sharing the good and the bad, Karen!

Angie said...

Eating out is one of our biggest splurges. I've been menu planning and it really does help. Now if I can just keep up with it.

Karen Sue said...

crazy busy schedules makes cooking so much more of a challenge. Especially if people are going in different directions at different times. Keep up the good work.

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