Tuesday, February 22, 2011

35 weeks pregnant

Almost done, that is what everyone keeps telling me. I politely smile and nod my head. They are right its almost over. I have no idea when though. That is such a hard thing waiting for a date when you don't know what it is.

I hit the 35 week mark on Sunday. Even though I feel seasoned as a pregnant mama I still read multiple websites of what happens each week.


This week was really though to read because they all said how your emotions and fears are going to be well above the crazy person line. I don't want to hear that. I can't take much more of these mood swings. Especially with out wine.

I am all ready worried about everything. This pregnancy I have heard of all these moms and unborn babies with cord problems. Two of my friends that just delivered live and healthy babies both had knots in there cords. But of course I have come across many blog sites that were not so positive. I never realized how big a problem cord problems are and how many people lose there babies in the last weeks of pregnancy. Boy has that got me worried and I so very much try not to.

I do like being pregnant in the beginning and middle. This last stretch is not for me. Time has slowed down. I feel locked in this waiting game. But I have so much to do and normal life to carry on. I have contractions all the time. More than I remember with the other children. Maybe she will be closer than I think. But reality is my due date is still at the end of March and I should expect anything sooner. Baby still needs to grow and develop.

I am so uncomfortable. I do absolutely believe if I was pregnant on a warm beach this would be a breeze. I could lay back on a well padded beach chair and wait it out resting in the warm sun.

But like I started out with its almost over. It is almost over so and I have a lot to do. So I am off to get started with a positive head and a happy heart for I know I WILL miss being pregnant soon and the prize at the end is unmeasurable.


Mama Keene said...

I remember those last weeks well! All will be well, sending lots of prayers to you! And praying for these last few weeks to go as calm and smooth as they can for you! Remember to relax, have a wonderful day :)

b. lee said...

I was crazy antsy my last few weeks with all my little ones ... kick those feet up * breathe & relax mama ;)

Ashley said...

Almost there! (I'm sure you are sick of hearing that ha!)

Anonymous said...

Even tho you feel quite miserable, you look wonderful.

I remember people telling me this when I was pregnant and I thought, Seriously.... do you look at large whales in books and become in awe of their greatness??

But you DO look great.

Pregnancy Miracle said...

35 weeks pregnant lady is the full pregnant lady. As she has complete belly. And do you look at large whales in books and become in awe of their greatness.

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