Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby is a baller

Every day that I take Smiley to an appointment it is so stressful. For the most part I have him babysat or in childcare. He is our first one to be watched like this and he goes to a childcare 6 days a week! He is just a handful, a handful of the best love ever, but challenging. He used to not like the childcare but has now come to enjoys his baby friends.

Saturday mornings are one of the mornings I get the "joy" of keeping him content while his brothers play basketball. The only way that could be more difficult is if the wiggles were the one teaching the kids to play basketball and I said no Smiley stay in your seat and behave, you don't get to play. His love for balls is huge. Every week it is a crying terrible tantrum that he can't play. I usually take him else where and play with him but that only last for so long. It is the longest hour of the week.

Last Saturday the boys were scrimmaging using only half the gym. The other part was occupied by a few girls and my happy baller.


He got to play ball almost the whole time. He still ran off to his brother interrupting their game but the big girls help me watch him. I love mothers helpers!


They passed it with him. He would try to shoot. He was happy and they thought he was cute.


Smiley was in his element. I have got three basketball players so far, I guess I will have to keep working on my team. How many are on a team anyway?


But then she toddled in, Cathrine. A baby friend and she wanted to play too. As darling and cute as it could be.


Her mother and I cooing and snapping pictures of these two tinys passing the ball back and forth. I love her purple outfit and pink and white ball.


They played well and talked in there baby language.


It often looked as if they were squabbling 1 year olds pulling the ball out of each others arms but they are just little and can't pass it to each other yet. So they kinda did do a snatch but it was friendly.


She was a cutie. She was a lot of fun. They both were occupied and both a bit easier, most of the time.


Mama Keene said...

That is so adorable! Your little Smiley is so cute, I remember when Shawn was such a handful and there were certain places that were extremely diffcult to keep him quiet and behaved! Your sweet little guy looks like he was having a blast :)

b. lee said...

how fun! what a cutie :)

Ashley said...

This is super cute and so sweet how they are passing the ball and speaking "baby" to each other ;)

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Oh he is SUCH a cutie!!

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