Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365 week 6

Week 6, week 6, it feels like week 6 of 2011. Although yesterday I swore it was 2012. What a way to quickly age my family, and to STILL be pregnant. Week 6 again was cold but there was no snow and the boys actually had a full week of school with no cancellations or delay. The first of this year.

February 5
Evan got to play basketball! He has been going every week I think in hopes of this but he is only in Kindergarten and to play basketball you are supposed to be in 1st grade. He was thrilled and did great.


February 6
These two could not be better friends. They love to rawl each other up. Giggle and Play.


February 7
I love to sit down to dinner with my family. Unfortunately we don't that often because of dad's schedule. It is usually just me and the boys and because of the rush and age of Smiley I usually referee dinner and don't get to enjoy it. I am going to try and work harder to bring back that peace.


February 8
Seed catalogs are coming. Spring is around the corner. I want to have a big beautiful garden and a gardener. Looking through the catalogs give me great ideas of plants to kill.


February 9
He turned 20 months old but acts more like it is terrible twos.


February 10
I pulled these house plants out of the window to try to save them. My husband tries to make me promise all the time to stop buying plants. They all turn out like this. Neglected and dead. Hope may be lost here.


February 11
I played chauffeur to my son and his friends. They were a hoot listening in on there 5/6 year old conversations. Mine is the one making a strange face on the right go figure.


Remember to check back ever Friday for project 365. A fun way to remember the week.


b. lee said...

love the tantrum * hooray for the seed catalog!

Unknown said...

Great week in pics girl. Your thinking out of the box!! Have a blessed weekend!! hugs

Kalina said...

Okay I love the tantrum pic! So funny :)

Lisa said...

Love the second picture of your boys! So sweet!

Hope you're having a great day!

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