Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentines day 2011! I hope you all are having one of the best ones with your sweethearts. Just like most happy people I love valentines day. The more people you have to celebrate it with I think the more fun it becomes.

Which is why school parties at valentines were always one of my very favorite. I loved getting valentines from the class, making a box or bag, eating all the treats, the decorations, and of course dressing up like the queen of hearts. This is the first year my boys have gone to school so this is their first valentines party . I am so excited for them! Evan is having a full out party, Gregory is just doing an exchange but I bet both will love it.

I found the card we made to exchange on a few blogs. I thought it was adorable. So last night as a family we sat and made dozens. They came out real well. The boys were all into using my scrapbooking tools. The cards were easy to make and so much better than a store bought box set.





I got one card for valentines day from my oldest. It is a mixed emotions card.


He made it at school. He made it himself. He drew all of us on it.


He even wrote a sweet message on the inside. I love his misspelling, even if I know that means he needs to work a bit harder. I love the card.

But it is the picture that had less than jumping out for joy. I love that he drew all of us. He even put our ages on us. And that is where the problem lies.


Here is a picture of dad and I. Look closely. Here is me close up.


Most of you don't know this about me so I will help you out. The age on me is gulp...33! Thanks son. I will be 32 in one month. Not quite 33. Ugh, I want botox for my birthday.

Valentines did not turn out like I thought it would. I had a romantic notion to start valentines off in the beginning of February with something special each day for my husband. I had even bought a few things to do this with. I was getting excited and curious as what I was going to do all of these days. But as it turned out February has not a good month for us. Every couple has up and downs sadly February has been one of our downs. It probably would be better if I had gone through with my plan I can guarantee that would make things better but I have barely spoke to him. So the plan was canceled.

Not forever. After all valentines is a feeling not a numbered day. So whither we celebrate in February or June it is that fact that we are celebrating love and that should be celebrated and appreciated everyday.

I did not get the gift I wanted this this year, in fact I got nothing at all. But I will let you know what I wanted.

1. First and foremost I want a pedicure! I want pretty toes. I am in my swimsuit 3 days a week and we actually have weather reaching up in to the 60's this week so bring out the flip flops. I can no longer reach my toes nor have been able to for a while so this would be a great treat.

2. I saw this dress for Lilly Pulitzer and fell in love! I want it so much. Isn't it beautiful?! But I can not fit into it right now so I can wait till April. I could wear it as my Easter dress? But I want to wear it with my pretty toes and go out for a special night on a dinner cruise.


3. And I still want/need a larger car. I have my heart set on these super size SUV's to fit my family of 6 plus and more. Isn't it darling in this valentines color? But Jay does not want another low mileage car and I don't want the payments so again we will wait.


I did get to have one present actually. I went to the doctors today and got to hear the little ones heartbeat. She was kicking around in the 130's. A happy baby and a very excited mom to meet her. I love you little one and next year you WILL be so decorated for Valentines!


With the lack of romance going around right now I did not do and decorating. But leave it to my little sweethearts to make the place look special. Evan decorated a window for us.


And I helped him reach this mirror.


And my most silly Gregory decorated his dad's desk with little cut out hearts he and his brother made. I love the little reminders of your sweet and silly face!


We still had celebrations, I still enjoyed it. I wish I could have gone to the childrens school and watched them celebrate, maybe next year. Maybe next year my super valentines day plans will work out. But I love my family all of them and will keep loving them everyday with candy and kisses.


Kalina said...

I love love love the valentines your kiddies made! Such a great idea :) And you don't need botox girl! You look great!

Mama Keene said...

Your Valentines with your kiddos are ADORABLE! And you look fabulous!!!!

nomo wino daph said...

I have seen these V's before and thought they were the cutest things EVVVAH!! Ofcourse, I discover all the cute things like this once mine have outgrown them :(

Looking good my friend...looking good!


Anonymous said...

I love those valentines!! What a super duper idea!! Now, make sure you repost this for next year. I know I will forget about it.

That dress--- amazing!!! I love me some Lilly.

Kari said...

The valentines r great! And you look fabulous.

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

LOVE the picture valentines. i almost did the same thing for cate!

and you look great!! i know you must have beeen thrilled ot hear the heartbeat.. i always loved that.

one more thing - LOVE the picture confetti idea on the desk. may have to use that in the future!

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