Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What am I reading now?

2 great books. Last month I ordered 2 books from amazon The 7 habits of happy kids and The leader in me, both by the Covey family.


My sons' school is using these books as a foundation for there education this year and I assume from now on. Therefore I wanted to read it for myself to see what they are being taught and how to reinforce it at the house.

Both books play off each other. In fact there is a whole series of these book. They are from the 7 Habits line. You can find one for teens, adults and families (which I am ordering next). Maybe soon they will write one for babies. The 7 habits of sleeping, non fussy, content and on their way to being potty trained babies. Just a suggestion Mr. Covey.

The leader in me is about a method of teaching. I have not got to far but have liked what I have read thus far. Basically it says the leaders of yesterday used to be the smartest people who knew the most facts. Today with the changing world and the internet at everyone's fingertips this is no longer true. Any monkey who can google can pull up facts that used to be secrets of the trade. Just because Larry the cable guy can pull up on his phone how to preform open heart surgery does not mean he can or should do it. The easy of information has left employers looking for new leaders. Not necessarily people who are book smart but people who are inspiring, dynamic and are leaders.

Many schools teach towards tests. Producing good test takers who can be terrible decision makers. Our local public school falls into that category too. In the lower elementary grades all they teach to the kids are math and reading. They teach the children math to pass tests that Pennsylvania gives the schools with the highest scores more money. The math on these test is odd. A common remark I hear from other parents is they have no idea what type of math this is but it does not matter to what they will be doing in real life.

I could not believe this. Only math and reading to me is crazy. Great the children would be able to count but could not even point out Pennsylvania on a map. One of the many reasons my kids do not go there.

Now the book does not say that test are not important but that as a result of the change in teaching method test scores for the school have actually gone up and sustained those scores. The book has so far talked about how well behaved, happy and positive traits these schools are turning out in their students, teacher and parents. I can't wait to continue further reading.

The second book The 7 habits of happy kids, I am loving too.


It has big beautiful pictures and lovable charters that make my boys want to read it. The stories are engaging and each one focuses on a different habit that is important for success.


My boy and I have so far rad the first three stories which are grouped together under a category "start with you". The 3 habits they have learned are
1. Be Proactive - You are in charge
2. Begin with the End in Mind - Have a Plan
3. Put first things First - Work first, Then Play


Both boys sit down with me and listen to the stories. My 5 year old who will be 6 in a couple of weeks has a hard time with applying the lessons. He enjoys the story but when it is over on the last page there are reinforcement questions he is lost. On the other hand my 7 and a half year old easily answers them and is able to apply theses habbits to life all ready!


Number 3 has been a life changer for us. When they are not doing what I wish they would or procrastinating I say to him Gregory first things first and he will go do what he knows is most important and needing to be done.

I am very happy the children are in a school that cares about them and is teaching them to be self productive little leaders. These books seem to provide a great way to fully prepare children to be competitive in a new society where you need more than just book smarts to get ahead. I will let you in on the more I learn as I read further.


b. lee said...

oh my gosh! thanx so much for sharing * I read the 7 habits of highly effective people years ago by Stephen Covey - had no idea he had a son & wrote a kids & teens version!!! so getting it * total coolness :D thanx again for sharing * *

Lisa said...

I have heard great things about both of these books though I haven't personally read them. I need to though, soon!

Thanks for your sweet comment about student teaching. It truly gave me a much needed boost of confidence!

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

thanks for sharing!! i'll have to check them out! :) have a great day!

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