Thursday, March 31, 2011

1 week postpartum

I feel very good. I can touch my toes I can sit down and get up. I can twist or curl up on the couch. I am not at the I miss being pregnant stage yet. Maybe because I still look pregnant. About in my 4th month.



With the first baby I had I brought my normal clothes to the hospital to wear home. Bahaahaa. Well it wasn't funny then I cried when they would not fit. I really thought that you can fit right back into your old stuff as soon after you have a baby.

This time I brought my jogging pants and a bigger Lilly shirt. There is still no sense in not having style. I am not in the dark on the weight you still carry around or the fact that I will look early pregnant for a little while. I look at it in two ways
1. I am healthy and feel good with a new baby and that is what is important not my size
2. It can be fun to lose the weight. I do love getting back to the gym, back to running. None of which I have done yet or will for another month or so. I have a lot of stitches and just can't. But I enjoy the weight falling off and being able to get rid of the bigger clothes.

My drawl back is I have not told the sweets part of my mind we are not eating for an army anymore.

Time to dust off my wii fit, find my workout dvd's, and treat my self to a pair of those shape up sneakers. I can't wait for the weather to get warm to throw the babies in the stroller and walk. Believe it or not it SNOWED yesterday! The end of March and it was so cold and snowing.

Does anyone else out there have great weight loss tips?

The pictures I was taking of my 1 week postpartum were self timer pictures. Smiley was so happy to keep saying cheese and would run to push the timer button over and over. I had a great time with taking them with him. This kid has my heart.


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Ashley said...

You already look great! All of that baby weight is gunna melt off in no time ;)

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