Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Electric Story

Up and running around in the morning, getting the kids ready for school. Tired because Wednesday nights are our latest in the week. The phone rings. It was the electrician. "I will be there in 15 minutes". Thank YOU for calling! I thought as I ran upstairs to get dressed.

It was Thursday the 3rd and it was the day the electricity is getting re-ran. Honestly this does not excite me like it does my husband so I grabbed the baby and went shopping.

Jay stayed home enjoyed hanging out with the electrician. But when I came home he was more than happy to tell me all about it. His excitement and favorite part lies in having the switch for the rooms lights moved from one side of the room to across to the other. As long as he is happy. I however have not got used to it and continually try to turn the light on in the wrong spot.


The picture also shows the height at which they put up all the outlets. Yes it is about a foot off the ground. A litle weird? I think so. They seem like floating outlets. But there are lots of them and they are all at the same height so it will all be good.

They added a bunch of can lights. We now have light in many dark corners where there was nothing. We have lights and don't have to waste valuable square footage with floor lamps. I hate those. Not in general but with little kids I do.


This one we debated about what to do. It is the entrance to the house and there was no light. So the praise is there is one now. The question was what kind to put in and what to run it from. Did we want it on every time the porch light was on? No not me. Did we want it on when the other rooms light were on? Seemed unnecessary but a better option. What we ended up doing was adding a separate switch at having it run independently. There was probably some reason why that was not in the choices before but I don't remember.


Wow doesn't that front door look old and horrible? Humm lets replace it! It will have to be at a later date but it is now on the list.

Another thing on the list is a new doorbell. But what to get? I would like a cool video one but for our non mansion that would be overkill. A chime one, a bell one, they even have mp3 ones. I don't know what to get. But I love the fact they moved the doorbell. It was right on the other side of the door, not very useful. We could never hear it only the person ringing it could. it needed to be moved to a more central location where you could here it hopeful now from anywhere. But for the time being the left a weird partial version of our old door bell sorta hanging up there. It will have to comedown when the drywall goes up I guess that is why it is like that.


Moving along thing are going pretty well tomorrow the insulation goes up and it is my son's birthday. We have a party planned at school so a busy day again, March Madness.

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