Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sickness surounds us but can't stop us

These last few days have been full of early morning construction, doctors visits and birthdays.



It was my birthday. Not quite the day I dreamed of but
1. I was not working. It has been years since I have not had to work on my birthday.
2. I was not in the hospital where I wanted to be. I know that sounds weird but I so very much wanted to have my baby that day. I wanted to share a birthday with my daughter. God wants her to have a different birthday though one all her own.
3. I still had a nice day.

It is also the birthday of one of the little girls from my AWANAS group. She called me up and asked if I would come over to her house and celebrate with her. Sure sweetie.

Happy Birthday Anna!


My boys came and helped open presents and devour cake.

Crazy Gregory. He loves party hats and boy I love him. Having them around me was such a birthday gift. They even remembered it was my birthday and wished me a happy one before they left to school with out any prodding by dad or their grandparents.


We also had a trip to the doctors for Smiley. He has not been feeling well and not sleeping. So we have not been sleeping either. Thankful the doctors confirmed yes he has a cold. Don't you hate it when that happens. But with him about to stay at his grandparents for a few days soon I wanted to make sure it was not something requiring treatment. A cold, I can't believe I took him in for a cold.


No one was feeling well. I was weak and miserable. There is no way I could have a baby feeling like this so I thought I might as well go to the doctors and hear I have a cold too. But my ear was throbbing so it really needed to be looked at. My diagnosis is, an upper respiratory infection. No ear infection. But with some antibiotics they said I will be feeling well and able to have this baby. And the rest of the jam packed crazy day kept on going as normal but with a few hiccups. Oh I need some rest and a break.


Again back to the doctor. Third day in a row! Actually this was an ob appointment. It was planned. Baby is doing fine and still in no rush. I am holding at 2cm dilated and 170 pounds. No gain from last week that was good news. They are guessing she is 7.5 pounds. Wow a tiny baby, will see. My last was 9 pounds.

Worried because of all the deep coughing I was doing I asked the doctor if it hurt the baby. It feels like it is ripping the insides of me out. The doctor said no. But she also said this could be a good thing because I am tricking the right mussels in to thinking I am in labor. They are getting worked out and practicing. Yeah maybe sooner than later. But for what ever reason I think it will be this weekend. It feels like more than wishful thinking.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I did not do any special this year. The boys did not have parties so they were not to knowing of what was going on but they did wear green to school. They knew they would get pinched if they didn't.

I spent it in a way I enjoy. I watched QVC. I don't know if you have ever seen it but it is one of the days I love to turn it on and just let it run in the background all day. They show you such wonderful treasure and have preformers. They bring in music and food and tell stories about Ireland. If you have never seen it I would recommend it. And try not to order something. Everyone feels a bit Irish today. I tried to resist spending money but...


Can't wait till they get here!

As far as our house is coming along it is on hold now. Monday and Tuesday the contractor came near 6AM to work on the walls. They finished plastering the wall on Monday. It looks good. It has a bit of a texture to it. We went with this due to the boys. It will be eaiser to patch and cover up all their dings and dents. It also just fits better with the house I am actually very pleased with it.


Tuesday they finished plastering the ceiling and they sprayed this foam stuff along all the bottoms of the walls.


It blocks any cracks and keeps out the cold. And Smiley stuck his feet in it. He got it all over his toes and then cried because it was there. Crazy kid. back to being locked out.


But for now everything is on hold and I am actually glad. It will be nice to have a small break from them in the house making a mess everyday even though I appreciate the work getting done. They will be back in one week to do the insides of the windows. I bet that will look nice and by then I will be happy they are continuing with the work. I do so very much want it all done and to stop tripping over piled up furniture.


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