Friday, October 21, 2011

International Day

This week was international day at the childrens school.  They had been working so hard for it. The got to pick out a country, study it, painted a flag of it and had mom make a dish from it for the international lunch they were having.  They prepared for weeks learning songs and skits to also present at a festival preceded by a parade of nations.  Since it was weeks of building up they were super excited.  I was sad because I was not going to be able to make.  But life took a turn and God gave me an unexpected gift.  My scheduled cleared littlerly 1 hour before the festivities started.  I got to go!

The event started with the dove of peace opening the parade.

I think the best part were the little kids that followed I wish I had a picture.  Adorable can't describe them.  Little babies from the toddler house dressed like cowboys and girls representing America.  The childrens houses were fully dressed up so darling from 4 other countries.

My boys did not dress up from the country the represented they walked with their flag.

Gregory had Argentina.  Perfect match for him he loves soccer.  He even saw a flag online that had a soccer ball instead of the sun he wanted to make that one instead.  I know his school would not go for that.

Evan had Kuwait.

Gregory was disappointed when he found out the parade was inside around the school.  He was set to march down main street.

Could you imagine.  It would have been great and with a gust of wind our dove of peace probably would have took off.

They all sat to watch the other classes sing, say poems, and preform skits.

Evans class went up.

They each  said a line of a poem.  And then sung a song.

Gregory's class took the stage next.

They too sung.

They afterwards got to enjoy a different lunch.  Then there favorite part was the games.  They played games from other countries.  How fun.

It was so good to see them.  I am so thankful I got to go!


Vivian said...

Way to go ARGENTINA! What a fun and great activity for the kids!.
p.s Did you know I have an Evan, too? ;)

michelle said...

What a fun way to be all educational and stuff. :) So glad you didn't miss out!!

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