Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Party for a PRINCESS

First birthdays are so special.  You all made it through the possible ruff times of the first year.  You don't forget the infant stage, the late nights, the constant appointments, round of diapers, accidents, and all types of baby food everywhere. Sometimes that can be a ruff year.  With Faith we really did not experience most of that.  She was a great baby.  An awesome little baby.  May everyone be blessed with such a sweetheart of there own.  Even with out the worst we had a few downs lots of breathing treatment that she does not like, a couple of boo boos and bumps, a few late and long night, occasional sick bugs, and a few incidents with paint.

This past year Faith has just brought us an overwhelming joy.  She is such a light in our lives and all others she sees.  Faith and her big beautiful eyes just drawl you in.  She loves to pull dads and my face close.  She giggles, she growls, she snorts.  She sometimes does not make lady like noises and she is astonished she does.  But not as surprised as the rest of us in denial that such a big noise can come from such a tiny body.

Her tiny body has grown to 22 pounds and 30 inches.  Much larger than the big 8.6 pounds and 21.5 inches she was born with.  When you think how much growing that is in a year ouch.  But she takes it with hugs, kisses and smiles.  The sweetest disposition.

She LOVES her brothers.  She follows them around the house and loves when they play with her.  Smiley is her best friend in the whole world.  They are my troublesome two some.  That can and do get into everything together.  But they are so much fun to watch playing  hide and seek, peek a boo or cuddled up playing on the kindle.  They snuggle constantly.  They will find each other and just lay their head on the other it is so cute.

However she loves mama the most she is 100% my girl.  How could she not be.  I waited so many years for this princess. I love her with all my heart.  I am with her when ever I can be she sits, with me plays with me, cooks near me, and she still sleeps right in my arms every night.  We have had 3 beds for her and she never uses them only my bed by my side.  And I don't feel like changing it.

I love her big bows, flowers and dresses.  She is pretty in pink.  When she finds headbands laying around she tries to put them on herself.  When we put them on she often pulls them off.  And we all put them on her.  Her brothers find the ones they like best and finish her outfit.

She does not walk yet but is so close.  She is a little one and wears between 9-12 month old clothes.  She loves to be held close and will move around in night to snuggle in closer.  She loves attention all the time.  She is calmed by her binky.  And finds it funny to drop food on the floor.  She loves sweets and peeps like her mommy.  She makes the funniest faces.  And certain funny scaling ones when you try to feed her something she does not like.  She loves to swing and recently has found the slide.  She loves going down and crawling up.

Faith there are so many reasons to celebrate your birth to celebrate you.  We know you will never rember your first birthday but you enjoyed.  We enjoyed it.  At this age it is more for her family like I said to celebrate we have her.  We had a small party for her and our family.


I am 1 today, I am 1 today, this party is for ME!

I wonder what is in them?


Don't worry baby sister, what Smiley call her and tell everyone her name is.  I will help you open then then claim the ones I want for my own.

Okay but I can have the balloons?


Hum..not really me and you other brother are soon going to use them as punching bags.  We love the way they bounce back up.  And she soon found that she loved doing that too.

But it seems as it was what she wanted.  What a happy girl.


And here are all 4 in age order Faith 1, Smiley 2 1/2, Evan 7, and Greg 8 1/2.

But more important than a party is having cake.


I had wanted to make her a special cake.  Yes one I saw and pinned but this week was crazy.  I don't just mean busy crazy I mean the kind of how did we survive crazy.  And we barley did with to ER trips.  But will write about that later.  So for lack of time we went to the grocery store and looked at cakes.  The first one I did not find anything I liked.  Plus they were all chocolate and 2 of us don't like chocolate.  So on to the next and it was worse.  Mind you we were cake shopping at 8 pm the night before!  They had all generic white cake it a colored frosting border and roses.  Ugh.  It was going to be an all night and I was going to make her a special cake.  But we looked to the side at the flip through cake order book and we saw this cute pillow pet cake that had sprinkles, rainbows, girly colors and a unicorn pillow pet.  Just then God intervened (he has so many times this week) and a person from the bakery came over.  The bakery had been closed for hours but they just finished cleaning.  She took my order and even said the cake decorator could have it by my request of noon tomorrow since there were no other cakes lined up.  Yes.  It was so super cute and her brother picked it and it was perfect.  We picked it up and it was not as dear as the picture but it tasted do good who cares.

Little princess loved her cake.


She turned 1 and her little diva door opened.  She has been displaying and new I am bigger and cutier personality these last three days.  It is to funny.


I love this little one, we all do and will forever.  You are our princess.



Teresa said...

Congratulations on your little girl's birthday and happy birthday to sweet little Faith.

The photos of the two of you together a beautiful.

michelle said...

Happy (belated!) birthday to Faith! (Sorry so late...I'm ridiculously slow these days!) Looks like it was a sweet, special day for an even sweeter, extra-special girl!!

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