Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Cozy Coupe taker number 4

Someone has found a new favorite toy.  If I leave the door open she escapes and runs to her cozy coup.  Still not walking she crawls across the yard hand and foot climbs in and drives away.


She turns the little wheel, beeps the horn it is all just to cute.  Smiley can't help but join in.  He is actually still to little to make his go by himself but he loves for mommy to come behind him and zoom him around the yard.  When I can't he like to just play in it with his sister or climb on top and use it as a jumping platform.  That one terrifies me.

My Smiley never ceases to amaze me.  Cleaning out the fridge the other day I pulled out a bottle of blue Mt. Dew.  I was gonna through it out  I gave it to my kids as a special treat one day just a little and realized that was a mistake.  But when I pulled it out they saw it again.  And no that does not mean they have to have it but they asked and it was rather early in the day so I agreed.  I gave each a little.  Smiley drank his bit and ran straight for the door, outside to the trampoline, and started yelling mama watch me watch me!


That little boy bounced and had so much fun.  What a sweetheart he is.  What a smiley blessing.  Even on a caffeine rush.

1 comment:

michelle said...

Such sweet pics of your sweet babes! Blue Mtn Dew?! Didn't even know it existed! I haven't had a Mtn Dew in years, but now it's sounding reeeally good. :)

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