Saturday, April 14, 2012

A frightful experience

The week before Easter  was full of holiday activities.  One of the ones I wanted to do was get a picture of the children with the Easter Bunny.  Wouldn't that be darling?

The day I had dressed them up and planed to do it was the day of the library Easter Egg Hunt. They day they unknowingly dyed eggs there and got dye on them in the first few minutes.  I took them home right afterward and stain treated their outfits.  I cleaned them, pressed them,  put them aside, and picked the kids up from school Monday afternoon and went straight to the mall.  In the parking lot they changed.

We went in to see the Easter Bunny at a great time no line no waiting.  No pressure to take the fist snap shot because there are many other families waiting either.  And that came in much needed.

I forgot how much kids hated the Easter Bunny in real life.  They did great with Santa.  Maybe that is why I had blocked out bad Easter Bunny trips in the past.  They walked up to the statuesque bunny holding still and oh so large.  All were okay at this point and then he moved.  It scared the two big kids like a figure out of a haunted house.  The babies were absolutely terrified.  Smiley ran, Faith cried worse than when she gets shots.  It was horrible.

The big kids got over it and were able to stand next to him.  Brendan I was able to talk into it only for a second at a time to sit on an egg in front of then bunny and near his brother.  Faith, my poor girl, just kept screaming.  Stress levels for all of us were high.  All my kids are scared and some crying.  I am sitting the poor things on the bunny of terror squatting 5 feet in front of them yelling stop crying and smile.  Great mom moment.

I gave up I figured a crying picture is cute too, sorta.  We will look back and laugh, right?  Not yet.  For now when the kids are acting up and I drive by the mall I have found myself saying don't make me stop and take you back to the bunny!  Another great mom moment.

We won't do this again next year.  But for this one at least it is over and at least they were all looking.


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