Sunday, April 22, 2012

How is the baby doing?

I get this all the time.  Then usually followed by another comment:

  • wow your brave
  • better you than me
  • are you having more
  • this IS your last isn't it
  • did you move
  • you know how this happens right
There are the few who have been nice and truly happy for us but it is not the majority.  The comments and remarks people say to me, about me have been hard and hurtful.  My kids and family are excited.  They are very much looking forward to another sister AND hoping to still add another in the future.  The boys want a sister for each brother, I feel so lucky that we are being blessed with two girls.  Through all this I have felt more guarded of this pregnancy than any other so few picture I have took and only one update.  But as I enter my third trimester this week I felt an update was do.

I will be 28 weeks on Wednesday entering my third trimester!  But I consider it the end when I can start counting down not up.  So for me 30 weeks is final stretch.  Personally I believe that I am further along but ultrasound after ultrasound confirms that I am due July 25.  We will see.  I have had more ultrasounds with this one than any other, that has been so nice.  They also say this is the biggest baby I have carried.  By the looks of it she will be over 10 if they let me go to my due date which they assure me they wont.  By that time I will be ever so thankful.  Truthfully I will probably be such a pain in their side at the end they will take her early just to be done with me.

I have been busy.  I don't always have time to stop and think about being pregnant.  But when I do it is because I am uncomfortable, in pain, or having such sever heartburn ahh.  The more you have the more it hurts and the harder it gets.  There are still wonderful moments when I can feel her move in my belly.  That is always what I miss most about being pregnant.  That and eating what I want.

Speaking of eating I am huge.  I am weighing now what I delivered my last one at.  I would like to think the weight gain will slow down but I still have a good bit left and I am always hungry.  Since I joyfully became pregnant when my baby was only 7 months old I also started with some extra baby weight.  I am not to worried I am sure I will lose the weight just a bit slower.

I am very excited.  The addition of another little girl sounds wonderful.  I worry about Faith and her not being the baby.  She is so very close to my heart.  But I have worried about this with all of them how the others will feel and the changing dynamics.  Each time it has worked out wonderful as it will this time.  Every baby makes are family happier I could not nor would not want life with out any of them.  Five may be a lot but it certainly is not to many and most definitely not unwanted.

We are planning on this being the last.  But never say never.  I just love babies.  And I love the kids my babies have grown into.  They are amazing.  Such blessings!

I have a few ultrasounds and a few picture to let you enjoy.


So itty bitty.


I can't believe in just two weeks she grew to a little girl just swimming around.


Ah look she is sucking her thumb!  Just like my Smiley!!


Freaky?  Yup.  The boys loved this one.  Looks like she will love Halloween.  What should I dress them up as this year?


A little more normal from the side.  A sweet profile and her spine.  I am looking forward to meeting her!



Hello little baby I love you so much, we all do.  We few more months to go believe it or not.  I never understand how you babies fit.  I am always amazed how big I get.  But you are a miracle and that is part  of it.



michelle said...

Yeah, people need to learn what to say and what NOT to say to pregnant women, for sure. :) For what it's worth, I think babies are precious and wonderful in every way, and it's awesome that you're having another! And you're giving Faith...and her brothers...the best gift ever.

Tanya said...

You look great! Sounds like the baby will be a big girl. :) Tanya

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