Friday, April 13, 2012

Disney on Ice

I kept this a secret from my kids for so long.  Till the morning of basically.  I told them we were going to have a special surprise.


They guessed all kinds of things.  Many I wish were true.  But as I was dressing them I said make sure you ware longs sleeves it will be cold there and they pretty much guessed it then.  They said to an arena?  A hockey game?!  I was surprised they seemed excited about that.  But I don't them no, not a hockey game but it is where the Hershey Bears play.  There next guess was ice skating.  I neither confirmed nor denied it.

They were excited the whole way up.  (And slept the whole way back!!!)  Can't you see the enjoyment?


The picture is deceiving they were having a great time watching and clapping along.

The show was cute.  It went through 4 of the Disney movies, sang to them and told the story while ice skating.  There was a lot of clapping, which is what they are doing.


There was not that much of Mickey who is Smiley's favorite.  But he squealed with delight through most of it.


He was so funny we sat on either side of him to just hear what he would say next.  But all boys agreed their favorite part was Peter Pan


They just loved it.  It had swords, a pirate ship, lot of charters they knew well and a HUGE crocodile that ate Captain Hook!


A good time I am glad we did.  I think any later and it would have been to baby for the big boys.  I could have waited a little longer for the babies because 1.5 hours was to long for Smiley and Faith well she just like the clapping part.

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michelle said...

What a special surprise, and it looks like everybody had a fabulous time!!

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