Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring cleaning

List have been growing crazy long this week.  List for spring cleaning and list for Easter.  And they both kinda mix.  Because I want the house clean for Easter.  And the house has to be cleaned but cleared out for Monday as we are laying to floor downstairs.

It seems for every one thing I check off 3 get added!  It is frustrating.

I have been procrastinating with time on pinterest.  Can you believe someone pinned an outfit for spring cleaning?

Cute unlike me who is in sweats and hair messily tied up.  If I bore you with a picture of me cleaning I will change though.

Spring cleaning is not always just washing the windows shaking out the rugs. It is change, decluttering, freshening things up.

One of the things the little princess got for her birthday was a new pink carseat.  I had been waiting to put it in till I cleaned out the cars.  Yesterday I cleaned out and vacuumed 2 of them and switched out the carseats.


She just is so tiny.

But she likes it and it will be nice to no longer carry her in the bucket.  Whoa that was heavy with my 23 pound princess.  Smiley got a new big boy seat too.  He keeps asking me where the picture is I did not take one because he was running around in pull ups but probably one to come shortly.

Well off to clean.  Actually more coffee, check my email, dilly around and then be distracted by the kids.

I will clean when they move out until then it is chasing my tail.

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