Friday, May 25, 2012

Broadway Rhythm

The boys had their Spring Show and it was great!  The show was called Broadway Rhythm: A Musical Review.  It went through many different plays and their hit songs.  The 1st-8 years put on the show and it made me look at my 1st and 2nd year big boys as the cute little guys.  They can seem so small and young sometimes, I love it!It was such a fun show this year.  I did not video tape the whole program just the 4 parts my kids were in.  It is to bad because the middle schoolers had some fantastically funny songs.

Since we were videotaping we did not get to many still pictures.  I wish I had one of all the kids but they are in the video.The first song they sang was Another Op'nin', Another Show, from Kiss me Kate.  It was all the kids singing and of course my two had to be on opposite ends.  Gregory is far left and Evan far right.  Hard to video and hard to snap.

The second was my favorite.  It is a Give My Regards to, George M. Cohan Medley.  It started of with Give my Regards to Broadway, Moved into I'm a Yankee Doodle Boy, and then Your a Grand Old Flag.  It was so patriotic and cute.  They danced, sang and played kazoos.  Such talented kids!  This one was preformed by the  1st-3 years.

I managed to get a few shots of Evan in too.




Third we heard the boys favorite, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang form Chitty, the Musical.  They have been singing this one around the house for weeks.  So much so that Smiley knows the song too.  We did not take the babies with us to the show, they had a fun time at a birthday party instead, so when they came home Smiley was all to happy to watch and sing to the video over and over.  This song was sung by the 1st -3 year boys.

In the video Gregory is on the left.  The funny thing about the little boy on the right is Jay, my boys dad natural and for all their life, kept mixing those two up.  As we were walking into the school he was hurrying the other little guy and even pulled him by the arm into the school because he was not listening to Jay as he kept saying "come on Gregory."  Both Gregory and I turned around as the little ones dad who was right with him and all of us were looking at Jay.  Gregory and I both said "that's not me/Gregory!"  Jay with one quick close look was embarrassed, let the boy go, and appoligised to his dad.  Everyone was laughing.  But then later Jay was videotaping this song and he started taping the little boy first then he realized again it is not Gregory and panned over one to the far left and focused on Gregory.  Wow.  I sometimes call the boys by the wrong name but never anything this bad.  However, I see where the old man got confused, the are strikingly similar in looks.

The whole school closed the show with Together Wherever We Go from Gypsy.

I have not seen that show but it was a sweet song.  It was just such a nice night.  I can't say how proud we are of all the children.  Events at there school are always fun to look forward too.  Luckily we have 5 next week!


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michelle said...

The kazoos were awesome, and so were your boys!!!

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