Friday, May 11, 2012

Race for Education 2012

Yesterday was the great race.  The boys got ready to run their 2nd race for education.  What a big deal this is for all the children involved.  They are excited for weeks.  This year the head of school added some extra excitement too.  The school set a goal to raise $18k from their race for education.  The kids raised that fast.  So she challenged them if they could raise $20k by race day she would get them a real gaga ball pit outside.  It came so close.  The day before they were only $200 away.  I thought they could do it.  The parents would not let it slip away with that little to go.  There are around 180 students at the school so if every kid brought in $2 they would pass the goal.  But the day came I had heard nothing but assumed the best.  And yes they did it.  They got a new gaga ball pit!  Not to mention over $21k for MAC computers and Smartboards, a pizza party and a Rita's party (it is Italian ice).

This is such a big fun day at the school.  They really do a great job pumping it up.  My kids went to bed at 8 the day before so they could rest.  They however stayed up past 9 just chatting about different ways to run, who's the fastest, how many laps they are going to do.  They were hard to silence so they would sleep.  And waking up was like waking a kid up on a holiday.  I simply whispered get up its time to get ready for school and they popped up it is race day!

Families come out for this event too.  And by a change of plans I had the two babies.  We all went to cheer on their brothers.  They sorta lined up, more like a heard of cattle they were corralled and then they were off!


The theme of ROCKY, eye of the tiger,  played behind them as they started off so enthusiastically.


They made the first lap this blustery day!  If they had kites they could sail through the race.  It was such a nice day when the wind would stall but was chilly otherwise.  At least it was not raining.  They came around finishing the first lap.  They were all still going strong at a pretty fast pace.


After that it started to break into the walkers and the runner.  They run for 1 hour but can break whenever they want and can run any speed they want.

Gregory ran at a steady pace.


But he did stop for a few breaks and some power walking with his best friend.


Evan on the other hand is not much of a runner.  He would sprint around a few times then sit under the shady tree for a while.


Families can not only watch and cheer but race too.  I sent Smiley who wanted to race with Evan and that got Evan moving.


They started out together.  Smiley wants more than anything to be like his big brothers.  But Evan wants almost nothing to do with his little brother but tease him.  So he sped off.  Leaving my littlest boy behind.


Smiley tried to catch up and made it 2 laps a quarter of a mile, before he stopped and saw the swing set.


Remember after all he is only 2.  It is more fun to slide.  He had a good time.


The big kids did great.  An awesome job!  They both beat their best of last year.  Gregory ran over 6 miles and Evan over 4 all in under an hour.


Comparing punch cards, they get a punch for each lap.

As fun as the race was the babies and I went home to wait for the big boys to return for our favorite part.. the celebratory dessert!


We had a yummy delicious cake this year.  Well all the kids worked off their calories ahead of time as for me oh well.  I wish driving burned up calories.


As if a race was not enough they also had a baseball game that night.  Exhausted me and the babies fell asleep in the car waiting for the pregame practice to end.  I did not mean to but a few minutes was needed.  For the big kids they sure were not easy to wake up this morning.  I shook them, rubbed them, turned on the lights they were like elephants not ready to get up.  And that night it was withing 3 minutes of them laying on their pillows they were sound asleep.

Gregory was limping around this morning complaing about his legs hurting.  I gave him some ibuprofen and a hot shower.  He still was not top notch.  I showed him an inspirational quote

And then told him to get to school.  When he came home I asked how it went and he said they all were hobbling around.  Hahaha  But they all were there.  I am so proud of my boys, their friends, all of the Montessori kids.  Rest up children there is another race next year!

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michelle said...

My GOSH, you guys keep busy!
And I think it's so ridiculously awesome that you got the boys a celebratory cake. :)

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