Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gates Can't Hold Them

These two keep me hopping.  Espically her my climber.  I knew a perfect princess was to good to be true.  She climbs and gets into thing constantly.  I can't even pick something up before she has climbed to the top of the fireplace, iltterly.   I am so worried.  We have baby gates throughout the house.  They at least slow down this twosome.  But stop them absolutly not.  They go under.


Poor babies mama has you locked in the other room.


hahaha not for long mama


I am a super princess you can't stop me.


Ah ha I did I did it!  Now to get my brother with me.


okay Smiley just do what I did.  Crawl under the botttom and you will be free.


Fine I will help you.  Let me hold up the gate just come on in.

I wonder what they were thinking.  I wouldn't see them?  As I am sitting 3 feet away snapping pictures of their whole escapade.  I know they just don't care.  Mommy will laugh and kiss us she always does.

Wow these two.  What will they think of next?  How am I gonna combat it?

1 comment:

michelle said...

Cutest duo EVER!

Lily still can't climb all that great, poor thing. And she never really got into anything either. Miles? He's gonna be my climber/get into everything-er!

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