Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Gregory!?

Yes it is that time of year again BIRTHDAYS!! We have 3 coming up and at least 2 parties to go with each.  Yesterday we had Gregory's celebration of life at school.  He is annoyed by that name this year.  He says just call it my celebration.  Either way it is his school birthday party.  In the Montessori world it is called the celebration of life and is celebrated a bit differently.


Gregory holds the earth and chooses a friend to be the sun.  He chose his best friend Gavin, the little boy in the red shirt.  As he walks around the sun the children sing "the earth goes round the sun sha la the earth goes round the sun" then they say in 20?? you were ?.  You can see it on the white board behind him.


But at the end of it they still had the traditional singing of happy birthday not forget the cha cha chas.


Smiley loves the cha cha cha part.


Then the children are allowed to have a snack or whatever.  Different parents bring in all sorts of things from pizza to apples to ice cream Gregory wanted cupcakes.  This is where our cupcake incident comes in.  As I was unloading the babies from the car I had the cupcakes on a bag sitting by the trunk.  Smiley got himself out while I was getting Faith buckled in to the stroller.  He wanted to help and picked up the bag of cupcakes only to drop them all over the parking lot!  I could not save any they were all ruined.  I was upset.  And it was 2:15 there is only 30 minutes left of school.  Now I have my son inside waiting for his birthday celebration and no special treat.  I quickly through the babies in the car and speed in NASCAR style diligently drove to walmart which is the closest market.  There I was able to grab a few dozen doughnuts all ready packaged and get out quick.  I was back at the school by 2:30!!  YAY we could still have the party.  The doughnuts were a hit anyways, the kids loved them.  whew.


And the teacher loved how much less of a mess they are than cupcakes.  Well less of a mess for everyone but Faith.


But she is so cute we let her get away with anything.



It is not really Gregory's birthday.  His birthday is not until July, he is our firecracker child.  But since school is ending this week he had his school birthday party now.  I am glad he gets to celebrate with all his friends.  His brother and sister love going to his school.  We will be shortly getting ready to go back today to have a picnic with the boys.  The babies can't wait.  Although Smiley was disappointed when he did not get to ride the van with them this morning.

Happy early birthday Gregory!!!  Happy celebration of life ;) !!!  You are a celebration and will always be.

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michelle said...

I love how they call it a celebration of life, I love how his school/teacher is sweet enough to give him an early celebration, I love that you raced out like crazy to get donuts, and I love that Faith and Smiley got to be a part of the festivities!!!!

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