Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nothing new nothing big

The other day while procrastinating taking a quick break from studying I went over to my blog where I noticed the abundance of cat pictures.  I thought wow have I become the cat lady?  No, I hope not.  It is just a temporary part of our life right now.  Real temporary because they are back to escaping.  Maybe they will escape and go find a new home.

But I thought I have not put up other pictures or anything in a while, have we been doing nothing?  Nope we are forever busy here.  But just nothing truly exciting.  The kids are still playing sports all the time.



When they are not playing they are practicing for the school play tonight.  With a week of school left and sports slowly warping up I am sure things will be completely different here come June.

The babies are cute as ever I did get a picture of them cuddling and watching Dora.



They have had a little more TV time lately since it was been rain all this week.  Not canceling sports type of rain that would be helpful, but lots of sudden thunderstorms and down pours.  It makes everything to wet and muddy to play on, or go outside.

I have been  busy with school.  Nothing can make you feel more like Patrick Star than being in college.  There is just so much information out there and you truly realize how little of it you know.  I have been enjoying my classes but they are keeping me busy.  I am spending considerable amounts of time on the computer doing projects and papers.  One computer class that I am in, is teaching me so much about how to better use some awesome programs, if I can remember all the millions of steps.  When I am not on the computer I am often on the couch studying.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I thought that was cute but it is not the case.  I do not at all have an easy time where I am uninterrupted to read continuously in quite.  I read, I change a diaper, make dinner, do laundry, drive someone some where, read in the car, explain to my kids only mommy can color in books they are not allowed to do so (that does not work though).  As I opened up one of my books to a thoughtful reminder that I do have little kids as it was stamped with sponge bob all over the page.  I guess that brings me back to why I feel like Patrick Star :)

I am staying on top of it all but I want to be ahead of it all.  Maybe that is what I will get accomplished this Memorial Day weekend.  But maybe I will spend less time on school and more time with the kids.  Right now we do not have many plans but soccer, baseball, church, hopefully a parade and going to my parents.  I don't have time to do up a big Memorial Day party right now and I will be doing more of that for 4th of July anyways.  It is always the bigger holiday with our family as my oldest is a firecracker kid, born on the 2nd.  It is supposed to be HOT this weekend. We are talking 90's.  So where ever I am and what ever we do I am sure a pool will be near by.

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michelle said...

My GOSH, you're a busy woman! Don't know how you do it. Seriously.
Love the SpongeBob stamped book. :)

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