Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Games

Everywhere in fall the fun events can be found.  We do so many of them it gets so very busy around here.  We had a few fall like days temperature wise so for but it is still staying in the 80's for the most part.  Not this day though it was hot.  The kids and I and a handful of school friends headed out for family fun day at a local church.


They made scarecrows... and threw hay everywhere.


They played penny games and won goldfish.  Yay.  One has all ready died.  I was surprised it took that long considering when Smiley won he threw one in his bag pack.  Then dumped out all the water of his brothers fish landing it and a mess on the floor.  But the one that died is my pet loving Evan's fish.  Ugh we have to replace him this weekend it was the only way to stop the immense breakdown my son had.

They had silly toilet toss games.  Faith was not sure what to think.  She was so confused by it all but had fun.



It has been a busy week. Soccer started and I have been bogged down with school.  Now the weekend is upon us and I couldn't be happier, none the less busy, even more so actually, but I am happy it is the weekend.

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michelle said...

Hay, goldfish, and toilet toss games - doesn't get any better! Hope you had a lovely weekend!!

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