Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Yard Sales

Last weekend was labor day it was crazy!  We were some of the few people who stayed in town.  And all those few people who stayed decided to go out yard saleing.  I had never seen anything like it.  I looked at some yard sale sights I belong to and worked out my game plan.  I never go out yard sailing with out a game plan.. I previewed the junk treasures on line wrote down the address mapped my course with the few errands I had to run too and I was off.  But little did I know everyone else was also off.  I did not even think we had that many people in the county.


I stopped by the one closest gas station to get some coffee and cash and I should have known something was different then.  It is always bust but it was packed the lines we so long I spent 15minutes waiting to pay. And from there it went on people were everywhere.  There was no exception banks, gas stations, super markets anywhere and everywhere, it was a deal apocalypse.  And there were some good ones but not great.

Whew I was glad when it was over.  So were the kids, I took them all and it turned out to be an all day event.  It was good to be home a play with the kids not just yell at them in the car.



We also went to eat at the Ox Roast.  No one really cared for it.


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