Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lots of fails

As everyone knows I love pinterest.  And I get most my recopies from there.  But since anyone can pin whatever they want not all recipes are tested by the food network kitchens, hardly any at all.  The babies and I have been having a lot of fun making new meals for lunch but not everything is turning out very good.  We have had more than are fair share off misses this past week.

We tried making Outback's potato soup and.... yuck!



It got such rave reviews I was about to make double but it would not fit in my crock pot  glad I didn't.  I even tried to make it better with diced ham and just feel I wasted a lot of money.

I made another chicken crock pot dish and it was not bad but it was not good.  It was so bland.  And it was so thick.  It was the consistency of a sloppy Joe what do you do with that?  Eat it like a soup?  Use it like a dip.  Well I froze it.  I am going to try to revamp it and use it in enchiladas which I think it will be great for but should have been labeled something like that in the beginning.


I even added green peppers in hopes that would help.  It didn't.



But like I said this was the most salvageable out of all of them.

I have made the world's best taco soup, that was far from it.

I made an old comfort favorite crock pot creamy chicken noodle soup that was thick, creamy and so filling,  You eat it then an hour later you are starving.  To starchy to eat a bowl at a time all night long but it was decent.

So now tonight I am trying another.  Another comfort food for this rainy Sunday.  However I pinned it from Paula Deen's sites.  She is never a miss.  She is perfect.  I hope to one day be a fat silver not gray
(and with my mom just starting to silver at least that part is  long ways off) old southern lady who smiles, makes the BEST food, dazzles in diamond that are worth more than my house, spends time with her kids and grand kids at her beautiful house on the water.  Fingers crossed I could use a winner.  Look forward to her hot chicken salad review this week.

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michelle said...

I manage to fail even with a GOOD recipe. I'm the worst cook ever. My poor children. :(

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